Why Taking The Personal Approach On Twitter Pays Dividends

For longstanding business relationships, e-mail is usually the medium of choice. However, if you are looking to build new connections with potential clients and partners, Twitter is a great tool. Messages are limited to 140 characters so they are not ideal for ongoing conversations. To attempt longer communications is to end up with a series of inefficient threads.

Why not try conventional communication with some of your Twitter followers instead? Once you have a good following (100-500 people) try to turn some of them into useful personal contacts. Real contacts are much more valuable than Twitter followers and are more likely to make you money.

If you are interested in trying to convert your Twitter followers into real business contacts than you might try a few things. The first would be to manage your Twitter account using HootSuite. This will automatically organize tweets for the upcoming week and tweet your followers if you add a new page to your website or blog.

You do no want to blatantly advertise when you are sending out your tweets, but you do want to subtly promote yourself. Basically, it is ok to self-promote so long as you are providing your followers with something of value. So, you want to mainly use tweets to link back to things that you have produced yourself.

Taking this approach, it is important to not always link back to your own personal site. You need to write guest posts for other people’s blogs, submit articles at the best article directories, publish content on web 2.0 sites, etc. You need to offer your followers some variety as otherwise they will become bored and will stop clicking on the links in your tweets.

Once you start showing yourself to be an authority in your industry, other Twitter users will naturally begin following you. HootSuite is of assistance again here as you can set it up to email every time you gain a new follower. When you receive notification that you have a new follower you should check out their Twitter profile and send them a tweet with a link to your blog / website at the end of it.

Some people will send a boilerplate welcome message to new followers. This is a mistake. If you are interested in making real contacts you want to add a personal touch. If you are interested in more than a large list of followers you will want to scan your follower’s profiles carefully and demonstrate your genuine interest.

You want to encourage close links between yourself and your followers. To achieve this, post your personal contact information on your website/blog. You should encourage your followers to join your mailing list and subscribe to your RSS feed.

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