URL Age – Ethically Promoting Your Website – Part 1

URL Age – Ethically promoting your website – Part 1 we will explore how to go about ethically promoting your website through Internet Marketing strategies and how there are many factors to consider. Today we explore the URL age and for this exercise here we will take it that you have already completed the following steps:

  • Your new websiteYou have decided that you want to have your own website.
  • You have chosen to promote affiliate products or services and have a clear idea of what you want to promote.
  • You have purchased a domain name with a relevant keyword for the affiliate product or service you intend to promote.
  • You have organized hosting for your domain.
  • You have completed basic design on your website and added some content (Pages of information for visitors to become informed about the affiliate product or service).
  • That the site may not be completely finished but there is enough for visitors to see and do when they get to your website.

Sign up for Clickbank………. Sign up for Godaddy………. Visit Hostgator………. Visit Word Press

On the above highlighted areas and images link to services for an affiliate product company, domain name purchasing, domain hosting and a company that has a simple website design feature. These are all products and services I have used, some are free and others are reasonably priced. There are literally hundreds of options for all of these types of products and services online and it is advisable to do your research and find the products and services that best suit you.

What is a URL?

URLA URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It is the name of your domain or website and is what shows up in the information bar at the top of the screen. Your URL is what identifies your website name to be unique to millions of other websites on the internet. It is also how people may find you if you use a keyword in your URL that is relevant to the product or service you intend to promote on your website. For Wikipedia explanation of URL “Click Here”.

What is URL Age?

Most simply put URL age is the age of your domain name. If your domain name was registered two months ago then it would be 2 months of age.

URL Age – Time options

Hour GlassIt is true that search engines rank sites that have been around for a while higher than those that that are brand new, however this is not the only determining factor to rank well with search engines. If you are new to Internet Marketing then you probably want to get your site up and running and making money asap, it’s good to keep in mind that professional Internet Marketers will buy a domain name and let it sit for a while, up to a year to allow the domain name to develop some age.

What if I want to get started straight away?

If you are new to internet marketing then it is good to get started straight away.  The best way to fast track your success is to have a solid internet marketing education through enrollment in an affiliate online program that can teach you relevant and up to date online marketing strategies. There is a lot to learn and you will gain age on your domain while leaning these strategies. You can trial what you have learned on your own site. You will also probably make a few mistakes along the way, and that’s OK too.

There is a way to get started with your internet marketing education to fast track your success for free, just click on the image below to have a look for yourself.

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In part 2 of Ethically promoting your website we will explore getting your website indexed. Indexing means that you are visible to search engines and people can find you by searching for a particular keyword that is relevant to your site. We hope you have enjoyed URL Age – Ethically promoting your website – Part 1.

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