The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Outdoor Advertising.

Outdoor advertising gives advertisers the opportunity to operate more flexibly. They can place their advertisement in any geographical point on any of the markets across the country – at the national, regional or local scale. An advertiser can buy the means of outdoor advertising; only repair printers in the same city or a separate area of the city. Flexibility can have a demographic nature. Advertising can be concentrated in areas most frequented by young people, people with high incomes or members of specific ethnic groups.

An important advantage of poster advertising is that it can be aimed at specific audiences with the deliberate intention of its placement. Outdoor advertising may even find its audiences according to the kind of activity – housewives on their way to supermarket for shopping, business people going at work, and tourists on the way to the airport, etc.

Outdoor advertising has the lowest cost of all other funds, and fares vary depending on the size of a particular market and the necessary intensity of advertising. In this case, it is used the term “demonstration” in order to determine the number of billboards with advertising, involved in a given period. When the level of demonstrating market with 1 million customers allows that in general for the day this advertising could be targeted by 750,000 times, then we say that such advertising has received 75 points of total rating for the day. Over a period of 30 days this demonstration will “earn” 2250 ranking points (30 x 75). The system of cumulative points rating allows conducting a comparative assessment of the value of advertising in different markets.

Rates for national and local advertisers are alike. They are published monthly at different levels of rating and vary greatly from one market to another. The difference arises from a mismatch of rent for property, labor cost and market size.

The impact of all this is an added advantage in favor of the cost of advertising funds. At relatively low costs an advertiser can bring his rating up to a very high level, covering his audience repeatedly over a short period of time. Naturally, it is ideal for advertisers, whose ad call is short, simple and categorical. Unconventional methods used in outdoor advertising also reinforce the impression. Outdoor advertising is the most spectacular of all means of advertising.

In addition, the light, animation and superb colors are used in outdoor advertising.

Finally, while other means of advertising should seek their way to the consumer, outdoor advertising affects people during going to the shops, at work and at rest, day and night, increasing the profits from the sale of products. It also gives greater stability of such spasmodic business areas as hotel and motels, restaurants and amusement parks, tourist offices and workshops.

The means of outdoor advertising has its drawbacks. Posters on the boards are replaced very quickly, so as to be effective, the outdoor advertising must burst literally into the consciousness of consumers. Advertising design should make the call clear and impressive; in addition, ads should help increase of the sales.

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