Make Money Writing A Blog

Common Sense Formula
Many people ask me  – how do you make money writing a blog? Well, I can’t really answer that in a one or two sentence response. I use many different strategies and many different methods to make money writing blogs. I have been learning these strategies and methods predominantly from one person – Sean Rasmussen. More about Sean later in this article.

How to make money writing a blog.

Write about interesting things.

First of all your blog needs to be about something that other people are interested in. You might be interested in braiding horses manes, but if there are very few people interested in the same topic it will be hard to make money from that type of idea.The key thing is to solve a problem, offer a solution or ease someones pain. If you write a blog that can do those things, then you can potentially make a lot of money writing your blog.

Keyword Research.

The main thing in deciding what to blog about when you want to make money is keyword research. A keyword is simply what people put into their search engine when they are looking for information or when they want to buy something online.

There are many good keyword research tools available which can make your research much easier. My favorite tool is Market Samurai, which is a paid tool. If you are just beginning with research I would suggest that you check out the Google Keyword Tool. It is a free option which gives you lots of information about what keywords people are looking for.

Getting Rankings.

The next important step is to get your blog ranking in the search engines. There are various ways to get your blog and pages ranked int the search engines which include on page and off page SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. It can be an involved process but a very important one.

If your blog is not ranked highly in the search engines it can be almost impossible to make money writing a blog. The best way to learn about the involved process of getting ranked on the major search engines is to invest in a good internet marketing education by enrolling in a good quality internet marketing course. This education will give you the best possible chance to learn about SEO and give you the skills to dominate online.

Monetizing Your Blog.

So, once you have completed the above steps:

  • You have a blog that is of interest to other people,
  • You have researched the keywords that you are trying to make money from,
  • You have written some great articles for your blog,
  • You have implemented effective SEO techniques and have acheived high rankings.

Now is the time to monetize your blog. This is the way that you make money online writing a blog. This basically means that now your blog is seen by the major search engines as important enough to be placed highly in the rankings, now is the time to start adding ways to make money off your blog. There are many ways you can monetize your blog here are the top three.

  • Affiliate programs.
  • Adsense.
  • CPA Programs – Cost per action.

Affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs give you a way to make money writing a blog without having a product or service to offer. You advertise the product or service on your blog by using a graphic banner or linked text. When your blog visitor clicks on the banner or linked text they are taken to the product or service offer and when they buy, then you receive a commission for sending them to the offer.

Commissions vary greatly between different products. Digital products like downloadable software or ebooks can pay up to 75%, some other companies offer big commissions on membership sites (such as web hosting) where they will pay up to 1100% on the initial sign up fee because they know that people will continue to pay a monthly subscription or service fee long term.

Physical products usually offer smaller percentage of commission from 4% to 20% but higher end products (over $100.00) can make it worth while to promote their products. I would suggest that new affiliates target items that you will get paid a minimum of $10.00 commission, per item sold.

My favorite affiliate programs are;


Adsense is Google advertising program and you can place adsense blocks of ads on your blog very easily. The way it works is that when people visit your blog they will see the adsense ads and the ads are designed to be about the topic on your page. If people want more information about that topic they can click on the adsense ads. Each time they click on an ad on your blog adsense pays you for that click and you make money.

Adsense can be a very easy way to make money online especially of your blog is about topics that many people want to know about. Currently Google pays adsense advertisers about 60% of the revenue so if a click is worth $2.00 you would get around $1.20 each time somebody clicks on that ad. This is an internet marketing strategy that some internet marketers concentrate on solely and I have heard of people make $25,000.00 per month just by building blogs and advertising adsense on their sites.

Sign Up for Adsense Here.

CPA Programs.

Cost per action programs can be a little harder to get but once your blog is ranked highly in the search engines you should have no problem being accepted into these programs. They work similar to adsense, you place an ad or banner on your blog and when people click on the banner they are usually taken to another website with an offer or an opt in page. If the person then completes the offer or opt’s in you are then paid. Payments can vary from 0.01cents to hundreds of dollars depending on what the offer is about and how much people spend. The average payment for sending leads (visitors from your blog) to a CPA program is around $3.00.

There is a lot to know and learn before you can make money writing a blog and I have learned most of what I know from a professional internet marketer – Sean Rasmussen.

My Story Before I met Sean Rasmussen.

Before I met Sean I had spent over $20,000.00 on how to make money online programs – each one lamer than the last. They all made fantastic promises – “With this $49.00 program you can make millions overnight!” or “It’s all on auto pilot – just push one button, you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams”.

I Wasted Lots of $$$

I’m not proud to admit it, but I did buy into many of these promises – believing that these people were telling the truth. I’m a trusting person and always give people the benefit of the doubt.

The fact was, there was always a catch – you got the base product for the $49.00 price but the system didn’t really work unless you also bought the $997.00 upsell which sometimes included some bogus “coaching” from some spaced out surfer dude who was reading from a script and had no idea what you were talking about. At least that was my experience. If you have been there, I’m sure you can relate.

After spending over $20,000.00 and never making a dime – I was a bit sceptical when I first herd Sean Rasmussen speak about how to make money writing a blog. When listening to Sean I noticed something was different – he didn’t make unrealistic promises – he didn’t promise that I would make millions overnight. What he did say was that he had made millions from internet marketing and wanted to teach others to improve their own financial situation. He seemed like a really genuine guy and I decided I would give learning how to make money online one more try – I’m so glad I did!

From Sean I learned how to Make Money Writing a Blog.

Within three weeks of implementing Sean’s simple money making strategies by developing a blog – I made my first affiliate sale and I’ve never looked back. It is truly amazing how getting that first sale can change everything – it really is a game changer – I even remember the guy’s name and which country the sale came from.

I am so grateful to Sean for all he has taught me – I have come such a long way in a relatively short space of time.

What Sean Is Doing Now.

Sean Rasmussen is still passionate about helping others improve their personal financial situation and he has recently released something really special – and it’s totally without cost. It’s called the Common Sense Formula. Making money online is just common sense. Sure, you can buy the latest and greatest programs in an attempt to make money online, but take it from me – I wasted 4 years of my life and $20,000.00 before I found some one who;

  • Actually helped me learn how to make money writing a blog.
  • Cared about me, his members and customers.
  • Provided all the support and help I could ever want or need.
  • Provided all the information I needed in a step by step format.
  • Backed up everything he does with a 100% money back guarantee.

What To Do Next.

Here is your chance to make a difference in your life, this is a free offer to learn directly from the man himself – Sean Rasmussen. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, it will cost you nothing to have a look and check it out for yourself. Simply click on the image above or the banner below to have a look for yourself.

Common Sense Formula
I am proud to say I am a student of Sean Rasmussen’s and I have been learning from him for just on two years. I started making money online after only a few weeks with Sean and hope that you will join me at the Common Sense Formula site to learn how to make money writing a blog.

Sean Rasmussen – Internet Marketing Coach

When you realize that you are serious about Internet Marketing and want to work towards the lifestyle that most only dream of you might also realize that your success won’t just happen, that there is a lot to learn and a lot to know. Online success doesn’t happen magically. Sean Rasmussen Internet Marketing Coach can help you make it happen. Sean is one of the best Internet Marketing Coaches available online.

What is an Internet Marketing Coach?

An internet marketing coach is some one who teaches you all you need to know about internet marketing from their own experience. Sean Rasmussen is one of the major players in online marketing and has made over 6 million dollars using his marketing strategies online.

Why Sean Rasmussen?

There are plenty of unethical people out there who will say that they can give you a great internet marketing education, make you fantastic promises, take your money and deliver very little in return.

Sean Rasmussen is the complete opposite. Sean is the most ethical internet marketer I have ever been associated with. His ethical way of  conducting business and coaching his clients is catching.

Here is a short video that show’s Sean on holiday in Fiji which might seem unrelated but gives and idea of how down to earth and approachable Sean is. Enjoy!

Sean Rasmussen coaches his clients in a way that no-one else can even get close to. Sean is actually known for over delivering on his promises and always adds in extra information and benefits that can help you get the edge over the competition. In Sean’s new online marketing program called Affiliate Marketing Mastery takes you by the hand and explains in detail all that you would ever want or need to know to become successful online.

The Affiliate Marketing Mastery Program.

The Affiliate Marketing Mastery Home Study Program complies several texts and DVD’s in a package that is delivered right to your door so you can learn at home at your own pace. Here’s a snippet of what you will get in the home study program.

  1. Quick Start Guide
  2. YOTA Forum Guide
  3. Learn How To Blog
  4. Social Media Foundation
  5. SEO Case Study
  6. Google Reader
  7. Keyword Research (Market Samurai)
  8. PPC Manual (Pay Per Click)
  9. FTP Guide (File Transfer Protocol)
  10. World Wide Webinars

Is there Support for Internet Marketing Coaching Clients?

Absolutely, there is fantastic client support. The Affiliate Marketing Mastery Program is a fantastic package but that’s not the best part. As a coaching client of Sean Rasmussen you also get access to the Year of the Affiliate forum which offers second to none pounce on support for when you have questions or just need some support and encouragement. Having been a member of many Internet Marketing Forum’s over the years I can say with complete confidence that this is the best forum I have ever come across.

Sean spends a great deal of time on the forum and also has several professional internet marketers on his personal staff who work daily on the Year of the Affiliate forum. The forum is also a friendly community and all of the members work to help each other achieve the common goal of success online.

Where to find out more about Sean Rasmussen.

Here are a few of Sean Rasmussen’s blogs where you can take a closer look at the quality and range of topics that Sean covers. Even though Sean has had great success online he still remains active in many areas of internet marketing so he has his finger on the pulse so he can offer up to date information to all of his coaching clients.

You can also find Sean Rasmussen through his social network by following the links below.

My Final Thoughts

Internet Marketing is a tough business to make a success of, in fact 95% of people who try to internet marketing fail to make any money. For the 5% that succeed the rewards can be great. Your best chance to make a success online is to get a great internet marketing education with the help of a committed coach and you owe it to yourself to think about learning from Sean Rasmussen- Internet Marketing Coach.

Internet Marketing Competition Has Begun

The Internet Marketing Competition has begun. Sean Rasmussen’s “For a Few Dollars More” competition was launched on June 14th 2010 and there has been massive interest and many participators. It’s still early days and anyone has the chance to participate in this competition.

The Good News about Sean’s Internet Marketing Competition.

The good news is that Sean’s Internet Marketing Competition, “For a Few Dollars More” is completely FREE to enter and there is no expectation for you to buy anything, ever! Sean has generously put this all together to help all the people out there who want to learn about internet marketing but do not have the resources to do so.

What do you Get for My Participation?

  • Internet Marketing Education – Worth literally thousands.
  • Learn How to Blog – and make money from it.
  • Learn how to make Social Networking work for you.
  • Learn about email marketing.
  • Weekly webinars hosted by Sean Himself.

What can I win?

  • An Internet Marketing Education relevant to what actually works.
  • A share in $20,000 in cash and prizes.
  • A chance to network and learn from Sean and his coaching clients who are already successful.

Is there still time to enter the Internet Marketing Competition?

There is time as the competition runs for 7 weeks, right to the end of July 2010. But in saying that it would be best if you can get started now. If you missed the For a Few Dollars More webinar and would like the chance to participate and even win your share of $20,000 in cash and prizes Click Here to be taken to the webinar page. There is still time to enter and find out the rules of the competition at Sean As they say “the early bird catches the worm” so don’t wait too long.

What are the Rules?

The rules are very simple and are fully explained Here. Basically, it’s all about commenting, participating in social media and following some simple instructions. It is all explained by Sean through the use of step by step videos on his blog, it is very easy to follow.

So, learn about internet marketing from one of the best, join in on the fun and enter the Internet Marketing Competition.