CommentLuv Global Search Engine

It’s back!! The CommentLuv Global Search Engine is back better than ever. As you probably already know I have had a bit to do with Andy Bailey – The creator of CommentLuv and CommentLuv Premium which are software programs that can help you blog get noticed.

I recently had an email from Andy asking me (and others) to test his new version of the CommentLuv Global Search Engine, I must say, I’m pretty impressed with what it does.

CommentLuv Global Search Engine is FREE!!

It is now all ready to go and anyone can use it for free – but it may only be for a limited time.

How it Works.

The way it works is you register by putting in your email address and first name and then you have access.

Your then simply add your keyword, keyword phrase or niche and the search engine returns results of popular blogs that have either the free version of CommentLuv or upgraded CommentLuv Premium.

You then leave a relevant comment and when approved you get a great backlink back to your site that is keyword or niche specific.


To have a closer look at the CommentLuv Global Search Engine Click on the highlighted text.

How to get your comments approved.

I have found that the bloggers on the first couple of page results are serious bloggers and you will want that backlink but also don’t want to waste their time.
To make a relevant comment, I recommend you do the following.

  • Read the post.
  • Comment about a part of the post you found interesting.
  • Watch spelling and punctuation.
  • Write naturally, as if you talking to the person.
  • Be truthful – but not brutal (be nice – you want a link remember!)
  • Include the title of the post in a sentence (or at least the main keyword).
  • Address the blogger by name.(it’s more personal)

Here is an Example.

This is a comment I left on Ana Hoffman’s blog yesterday to get a great, relevant backlink for my new post about CommentLuv Premium – it was accepted within an hour. The title of the post was;

Is CommentLuv the Plugin of the Past?

Hey Ana,

I’m a CommentLuv fanatic, so I was absolutely delighted when CommentLuv creator, Andy Bailey contacted me about CommentLuv Premium.I jumped at the chance to try it for myself and I’m blown away by the functionality of this awesome little plugin.

Because CommentLuv Premium covers so many other jobs – like spam filtering – I have got rid of my superfluous plugins and was pleasantly surprised by the improvement in load time. My blog used to take 8.5 seconds to load and now it’s under 4 seconds.

One happy camper here! I would recommend anyone who is a WordPress blog owner to invest in this great little plugin!

Ana is selling the CommentLuv Premium plugin on her site, so I got my quality backlink and she got an endorsement from a current user. It’s likely that my comment will not get deleted either because it is valuable to the blog owner. You obviously don’t have to go that far, but make you comment relevant and valuable to the blog owner.

Also, don’t be too concerned that you are doing something for your competition – you are! A comment is a vote for their blog and they reward you with a good backlink. Plus, Ana has huge credibility in the online community and I’m happy to be associated with her.

Does it Work?
I have been using it for a couple of weeks and have made it part of my daily backlinking strategy for ranking keywords. I just use it to find about 5 blogs to comment on for a keyword I’m trying to rank for. It doesn’t take long.

My keywords seem to be climbing up the rankings more quickly than before. I’m even in the top 20 for niche keywords with massive competition that I never thought I would be able to rank for.

Many CommentLuv enabled blogs also have “do follow” – so it makes sense to add this strategy to your backlinking.

Is it worth while?
Because I have SEO Quake on my system I can check the page rank (PR) of the blogs I’m commenting on.

I have been pleasantly surprised, although many of the pages are a PR0 or PR1. I have also found some PR2, PR3 and a couple of PR4 blogs to comment on.

Some of the blogs in the first twenty results usually have a home page PR of 2 or more – so this means that the backlinks I get have some good PR score which makes the backlinks even more powerful!

There is an opt in to use this tool, and by opting in you will be joining Andy’s mailing list and you will get some emails and great offers from Andy – so keep that in mind.

For those who do not want to sign up, you can also search for CommentLuv enabled blog by using this syntax in your search engines search page.
intitle:commentluv enabled “your keyword”

In my opinion the Commentluv Global Search Engine is much quicker and loads the most popular blogs first so you know that the blog owners are very active and comments are moderated quickly.

Here is the link again, so you can check it out for yourself.
CommentLuv Global Search Engine.