CommentLuv Premium

The CommentLuv Plugin
CommentLuv Premium is available right now! After moths of anticipation Andy Bailey has just released CommentLuv Premium.

This is the best comment plugin I have seen, I use it on all my blogs, so lets take a look at what it can do for you.

It will speed up loading time on your Blog because it is 8 popular plugins in one.

No more need for captcha plugins or anti spam plugins because this innovative plugin deals with spam bots once and for all so you never have to sift through your spam folder.

Other great features it includes;

  • Encourages people to tweet, like and +1 your blog posts.
  • Encourages people to return and comment again and again.
  • You easily unlock advanced features on 10’s of thousands of blogs.
  • Enhances your blog comment system.
  • It protects you and your blog against those pesky spammers and scammers.
  •  Shows you which blogs are bringing you the most traffic.

Check out this video from Andy Bailey – it runs for just over 6 minutes – well worth a look.


This video shows the some of the features you can expect to get when you get your own copy of CommentLuv Premium. This was the pre-release video – to see exactly what CommentLuv Premium can do for you, click on the highlighted text or images on this page.

When you buy this amazing plugin you also get access to something very special, the CommentLuv Enabled Search Engine.

This tool allows you to find niche specific CommentLuv enabled blogs to comment on so you can get good quality backlinks to your own site.

This tool is easily worth $27.00 a month alone, but for a limited time Andy is throwing it in as a bonus when you buy his new plugin.

Our Own Load Time Test.

In a test we ran on this site through a popular speed load test site called

The loading time for the home page came back at 8.5 seconds which is really quite slow and major search engines have been rumored to become impatient with sites that take over 5 seconds to load. 

So, we uploaded CommentLuv Premium, activated it, got all the settings the way we wanted (which took about 5 minutes) and then systematically deactivated and deleted the plugins that were no longer needed.

We emptied the page and browser cache and then ran the speed load test again.

The home page loaded in 3.75 seconds.

More than twice as fast and an improvement of almost 5 seconds. Impressive? We thought so!

The Launch Price of CommentLuv Premium.

Until the 1st of December 2011 the price of innovative and must have plugin is not $197.00, not $97.00 but just $67.00. Hurry and get your copy before the price rise and make a bit difference to the effectiveness of your blog comments and the way you comment with CommentLuv Premium.