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I have been know to investigate and find some really good online affiliate programs before – sometimes on purpose and other times by accident – this one took me by surprise. is similar to many other affiliate sites like Clickbank and PayDotCom, it offers instantly down loadable products like software and ebooks but it is very different because payments are made directly to you paypal account.

Higher Commissions For Affiliates.

The other big difference is that many products available within market place sold by affiliates earn up to 100% commission. Other products earn affiliates a minimum of 50%. The way that vendors can afford to give their affiliates 100% is because they offer a front and back end offer. The first sale goes to the affiliate and the vendors will attempt to ‘up sell’ the customer on another product, this sale generally goes to the vendor.

Now of course, not everyone will go for the up sell, but that really doesn’t really matter to the affiliate, their commission gets paid first – and instantly.

Instant Payment – Are You Kidding?

No, I’m not kidding – it is instant – the payment goes into your paypal account within minutes of the sale being complete. Getting paid straight away is beneficial because you don’t have to wait the standard 30-120 days for payment, there is no payment threshold and you can access the money instantly and you also can monitor exactly how much is coming into your account each day . – Is It Free?

Affiliates. is free to join for all affiliates. Fees are low and you will be charged a fee for each sale over $4.99, here is the break down of fees.

Service Fee Transaction Total
FREE Up to $4.99
$1 $5 to $19.99
$2 $20 and above

Affiliate Benefits.

Affiliates earn up to 100% instantly!  Commissions promoting the products in the are paid directly into your PayPal account (which is also free to join) and the product list in directory is growing daily. No waiting to get paid ever!

Advantages of promoting PaySpree products:

  • The largest payout percentage of any affiliate network and the lowest fees.
  • Great performance and conversion stats.
  • Always get paid instantly into your PayPal account.
  • Site widgets for hands free commissions.
  • Fast and easy to get started!


As a vendor you can only add one product for free but you do have the option to pay $29.00 to list unlimited products. This is great news for anyone who is a creator of digital products or those who are thinking about developing and marketing their first digital product but have no idea where to get affiliates to market their new product. Here is the transaction fee break down.

Service Fee Transaction Total
FREE Up to $4.99
$1 $5 to $19.99
$2 $20 and above

There are no hidden fees or monthly membership to pay. The optional $29.00 fee is paid once for lifetime and allows you to list as many products as you like.

Vendor Benefits.

List your digital products in the marketplace for instant exposure to thousands of potential new customers and affiliates.

Some advantages of selling at

  • Takes less than 30 seconds to list your product(s).
  • No product approval process.
  • All your sales are paid to your PayPal account instantly.
  • We take care of all affiliate payments for you, instantly!
  • Lowest transaction fees in the industry.
  • NEW! Encrypted download pages.

How I Found

I stumbled across this site by chance when I recently purchased a web graphics package. I loved the graphics package so much and it was such great value for money, I had a look at being an affiliate. (More on the graphics package in a later post as I’m still mastering it). They had a couple of options for affiliates, I was expecting clickbank, however the vendor sells their products through After having a look around the site and checking out some reviews, I joined up as an affiliate. The best reviews came from the Warrior Forum which is a well renowned place to go to get real advice.

Affiliate Site With An Affiliate Program.

Affiliates are always looking at ways to diversify their income streams. has an affiliate program that rewards affiliates per referral and per sale.

When you recommend new vendors to and they decide to pay the optional $29.00 fee to list as many products as they wish, you will receive instant 50% commission on the one-time $29.00 offer ($14.50) plus you’ll earn 1 PaySpree fee credit for every member referred, affiliate or vendor. A credit is equivalent to $1.00 which can be added to you account as a way of offsetting the fees.

Other Things To Think About.

Possible Refunds.

As with all products that you might sell online there may be customers that will request a refund, as is their right, usually refunds are around 5% of total sales. It would be a good idea to keep at least 10% of all gross earnings in your account just in case of refund requests. I usually keep around 20% of total sales in my paypal account, just to be on the safe side.

Check With Your Account – Tax Obligations.

It’s also a good idea to check with your accountant to see how much income tax you would be likely to pay and put that money away before going on a spending spree. This will save disappointments and stress later.

Choosing Affiliate Products – Key Selection Criteria.

This might be a little off topic, but is extremely important to any affiliate. To choose being an affiliate for any product, it must be of a very high standard, easy to use and something that has made a positive difference to your life or the way you do your work.

I would not like to promote anything I had not personally used and benefited from. I would give any new affiliate the same advice – don’t try to promote a product you have little or no knowledge of. The customer can sense if you are being sincere, you also will want to know about the product if someone has questions.

So, what are you waiting for, you have plenty to gain and nothing to loose. Learn more about and how they can instantly increase your affiliate sales. Visit and sign up for your free account by clicking on any of the banner images above. Affiliate Online Program thanks you for taking the time to find out about Online Affiliate Programs –

Visit-x Affiliate-Partner And Choose Our Great Affiliate Program

There are a lot of different programs available, most all of them are “good”, but only a few qualify for what I would call “great”. You should Visit-x Affiliate-Partner. Keep in mind that I am not reviewing particular programs in this article, simply talking about some of the specifications that I believe we should consider before joining any particular program. The first consideration to me in choosing great affiliate programs is that they offer excellent products of good value. I have no interest in promoting products that are garbage or of questionable value. I want to earn commissions on sales; not charge backs on returns or refunds. If you give the customer the product that they were expecting; it is unlikely that they will want a refund. You should Visit-x Affiliate-Partner as it is a good option.

Secondly, I always look at the consumer service and client support functions that the program has in place. It should be simple for customers to make contact either through email or by phone with representatives of the program should they have a question, or even a problem with a product bought through the program or through an affiliate link. Try to Visit-x Affiliate-Partner. If you see that the programs under consideration suggest quality products and adequate customer support, then you can be sure that you are choosing great affiliate programs. Now that we have determined that any given programs take care of the consumer (which is the most crucial consideration in any business, we need to look at how they support their affiliates. You can get lots of benefits if you Visit-x Affiliate-Partner. In selecting perfect affiliate programs, we should make sure that:

•They have a clearly defined support network that is easy to utilize.
•They have clear commission agreements and regular payment schedules.
•They have a complaint resolution support system.
•They offer pre-built web site templates for affiliates to link to.
•They furnish banner and text advertising that are proven to convert.
•They suggest “getting started” guides and support.
•They provide other marketing and promotional support.

For help Visit-x Affiliate-Partner.
Selecting great affiliate programs can be implemented with extreme confidence if you look for programs that meet all of the criteria listed above, with special emphasis being on service, to both the customer and the affiliate. You can see one such great affiliate program by following the link below. You can get all you need if you Visit-x Affiliate-Partner. Start your own affiliate program but first Visit-x Affiliate-Partner.

One of the major problems in going with a solution of your own comes back to the old adage, “You don’t comprehend what you don’t know.” You could have some of the sharpest developers ever, but if they don’t know what’s required for an affiliate program, your technology will be inferior and/or obsolete out of the gate. It is crucial for your new affiliate business to Visit-x Affiliate-Partner, that you can create your own independent cash flow. For instance, merely providing tracking isn’t going to be sufficient with a great many affiliates. One basic I see missing from many home grown technologies is the sub-ID. Also, more and more affiliates are getting into mobile and video. If you don’t want to figure that stuff out, go with an affiliate network that’s already working on it. This way people can Visit-x Affiliate-Partner and get benefits from it.

If you still confused about the best affiliate programs, Visit-x Affiliate-Partner!

Visit-x Affiliate And Webmaster Program To Obtain Additional Cash Flow

Some affiliate program will provide you with Private Label Right’s product where you are granted permission to sell the product and keep the profits. Private Label Right’s product is some advantage of promoting affiliate program using a website. You can promote different products from other merchant. The various marketing systems are the ultimate method to gain more from your internet business. This gives you the flexibility to have control of your marketing center. You should Visit-x webmaster program as it is a good alternative.

You should take a look at the merchant compensation plan

You will have to take some time to go over the full detail of the merchant’s compensation system. You have to know the longevity of the company and what if they are paying-out like they say. You should Visit-x webmaster program. The web is long known for frauds, you need to be on your “p & q”. A compensation plan should expose some structure of payment, ways of payment and the time factors; how long before you get paid. Try to Visit-x webmaster program.

You have invested some quality time and effort into marketing your affiliate business. Consequently, you should have some confidence to make it profitable. There can be some red tape when it comes to ignorant affiliate programs. Some merchant do not invest in new ideas and in the long-term many fail. You don’t want to run into trouble to get paid. There are few avenues you may look into to make sure you are working with qualify affiliate programs. For help Visit-x webmaster program.

You can find forums online that will discuss these matters. Again, all you need to do is enter your topic with forum as the tail word and then scroll to find those with the interest of yours. You need to post question that you want answer. Forums will generally be a hot spot to gather provisional results but you can also find other affiliates on some of the networking site like face book, MySpace and twitter. You can get lots of benefits if you Visit-x webmaster program.

Productive affiliate programs are those with support system. You can get all you need if you Visit-x webmaster program. In most cases, online businesses that provide you with a control support system are generally looked at as being active. Some activities they provide should include training, mentoring and developing prospects to better comprehending internet marketing. You can know your working with professionals when you made your request and get some timely response. You don’t want to move on affiliate programs that do not respond and/or, when they do, you do not get a clear answer. You want prompt respond from your merchant every time. Start your own affiliate program but first Visit-x webmaster program.

It is crucial for your new affiliate business to Visit-x webmaster program, that you can create your own independent cash flow.
If your are moving on using Private Label Rights products you would have to set up your own support system. For starters, you may consider an email address where you have set-up to answer to prospects that may have concerns. You can’t handle internet business without the knowledge of having a support system. If you run into a situation where you are having trouble responding on a regular, this all depends on your traffic flow you might consider outsourcing some task. Good responsive businesses will general have more interest to prospects. A webmaster usually have this automated or through a website support system. If you are promoting your own business applying resale rights product, you are requiring to having a reciprocal system set-up to position your business as highly professional. This way people can Visit-x webmaster program and get benefits from it.

If you still confused about the best affiliate programs, Visit-x webmaster program!