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Unemployment is one of the most urgent social problems of modernity. Thousands of people all over the world have problems with employment and spend months or even years, looking for a job and trying to solve their financial problems. Unfortunately, modern world is a severe place and you can easily feel frustrated among all these people which work all the time and do not have time to relax and just communicate with their families. These people wear themselves out at work, because they try to do as much work as possible to get promotion. More than half of such people continue working and aiming at promotion all their lives, but they do not get this promotion after all tries. Other people are more successful and manage to find the way out of the situation. They are lucky and manage either to find alternative jobs, or to change the field of activity the way they earn even more than they did before. Of course, different people find different ways of dealing with unemployment. The global financial crisis showed that different people reacted differently. Some of them borrowed money from their friends and relatives, some took loans from banks and some were actively spending their savings, hoping that the crisis was going to end up. Unfortunately, the crisis was not going to end up so soon and economic situation in most countries of the globe was still complicated. People felt worse and worse, understanding that there was no end of the crisis. That was the time, when thousands of people took up jobs in Internet marketing.

The term of Internet marketing came into being soon after the appearance of the World Wide Web. It began popular and was used when people began to set up their on-line stores. In the very beginning, people were convinced that the term of Internet marketing implied any type of job on the web, including web stores. In the course of time, opinions changed and it was generally accepted that the term of Internet marketing was used to denote the promotion of web sites on the web with the purpose of increasing their popularity and making them more visited and asked-for among clients. Internet marketing can be divided into several types, which must be chosen by job applicants depending on their aims and traits. For example, if a person is creative and like writing, he or she can choose article marketing. If one wants to spend more time with his or her family, pay-per-click marketing is a perfect choice, for it takes less time than any other job opportunity on the Internet. Somehow or other, Internet marketing is a perfect job opportunity for those people, who suffer from the negative consequences of economic crisis and want to find the way out.

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