Personal Branding Plus A High Ticket Item Bring You Online Success

When I first took a shot at online marketing, I was both hugely hopeful and hugely sceptical. I was right to be both.

The first wave of optimism didn’t last long. Like one of those waves you remember as a kid that looks so promising 25 yards away and then just tickles your armpits when it reaches you. I seemed to be doing all the right things, and yet the money I was earning was peanuts compared to my day job.

My first mistake? I entered the business as an affiliate. The thing is, most affiliate programs and products offer a measly commission. So you have to work like a slavejust to avoid losses on your website subscriptions, the videos you keep buying, etc. My efforts were fairly pathetic .

Answer: a high ticket item which when you sell brings in a substantial commission. I saw that it was this kind of ‘product’ that would help me attract motivated business partners and leverage team building. And with the right tuition you could make a six figure income through high end commissions being paid up-front. Cool.

True, it can cost a bit to buy your way in. But the long-term rewards will be greater. And wouldn’t you expect to invest something into a business? It’s not going to be a hobby after all.

But don’t just sign up to the first high ticket item you come across . Make sure you research the company, as I did, and are happy with the guy who is going to be your Online mentor. For me, that meant – at the very least – finding a mentor who would take my calls, reply to my emails when I got stuck. And generally help me progress on a weekly basis.
Once you have found that mentor and, focus on a few set tasks, not numerous . That way you don’t become stir crazy from all the distractions on the net offering better systems and all kinds of clever tricks .

Then, when you’re set up – with at least a personal blog and a squeeze page for your high ticket product – you can start to develop your own brand. You. Remember, you’re only going to make money when people approach you as an authority in online marketing. A personable authority.

At first you’re bound to think, What do I know about online marketing that makes me an expert in this area? So get reading, watching video tutorials . And of course if you join a credible turnkey marketing group with a high ticket product, you will have a whole vaultof training immediately at your disposal.
Sometimes there’s fiddly and frustrating stuff to get your head around, but if you stick at it, it will start to make sense and then you can speak on the subject – or at least some aspects of it – with authority .

Get started by networking more frequently through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Set up your own group and fan page, brand it – by which I mean give it a name that matches the names you’ve given to your blogs and other websites. Offer help, be generous with tips and information and people will soon start to believe you know what you’re talking about even before you’re an expert.

gradually , you’ll start to develop a personal relationship with your prospects . They will start to see you as a person who provides REAL VALUE, not just a ‘business opportunity’.

Frankly it’s the only way to cut through the noise and stand out . You don’t have to be SOMEONE – just BE YOURSELF. How so? Because people don’t join a a business opportunity , they join people. So if they find they have an affinity with you, they’re going to come to you.

Online marketing is like any other business, you have to apply yourself, regularly . If you’re willing to work and work closely with a MENTOR who is willing to help you maximize your strengths, it’s only a question of time before you reach the heights of success that you’ve always dreamed of.

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