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Do college students really have a big alternative of money making in the Internet these days? The answer is actually, “yes” owing to the fact that we are living in the modern society with strong and rapid technological development. In order to become financially independent and to correspond to the requirements of the modern world, students try to earn some income in an online sphere. Besides, we all know that education is like luxury nowadays and require huge amount of money even for getting the basic knowledge. However, many students these days pursue different grant programs and student financial aids before they enter anything. In such interesting situation not everyone can have good luck. In fact, you have to be really fortunate if you want to study and then continue your career as a professional. Of course, there is a bank loan that you can afford any time and which you must give back. But the most disappointing fact is that you are most likely to give your debts back during all your entire life. Can you imagine the situation when you must each month give the second half of your salary to the bank? Yes, I agree, a kind of confusing and unpleasant situation. Speaking about educational grants one of their biggest disadvantages is the fact that it does not cover expenditure on books, accommodation, traffic and some other important stuff. Exactly thanks to these situations, when one needs good money in order to feel comfortable yourself in these unfair world, students decided to be employed in the Internet.

Admittedly, such approach is really useful and helping, as students do not need to leave their homes in order to make at least few dollars for their living. What is more, they can make their own time tables and do business at the same time visiting their lectures and practical classes. However, one of the disappointing facts is that considerably big amount of students are not aware of such big possibilities and do not have the chance to pay their debts. Interestingly, the article in the students’ journal of 2007 showed that about 3000 students have to pay almost $43,000 per year. Remarkably, 200 of them were the students of computer science department with web marketing as a course, and within one year more than half of the group was able to reduce their college expense at an average of 15%. Luckily, this experiment pointed out that half of these students managed to give bank loan back in the middle of their studying year without any negative influence on their educational process. Finally, it is worth mentioning that this experiment has proven that the system really works and online marketing belongs to the fields that can save the “lives” of lots of people who are suffering from the lack of money.

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