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Online Affiliate Programs are all over the internet. As an Affiliate there are literally hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs that you can participate in and earn an income or make money online. For a new affiliate marketer it can be confusing and knowing which affiliate marketing programs actually give you the best chance to make your first sale online.

When starting out it is always best to register with the big affiliate companies because they have taken the guess work out. Their sites are easy to navigate and they will usually accept new people who don’t yet have a highly ranking website. Here are the top three.

Clickbank Online Affiliate Program.

Clickbank is the biggest information online affiliate program. Their products are all instantly down loadable for the customer. This means all you do as an affiliate is recommend a product on your website and when the customer clicks on that product they are taken to the product owners website and the customer has the option to buy that product.

It works in a simple way. When a customer buys the product you receive a commission that instantly lands in your Clickbank  account as soon as the payment is processed. The best thing about Clickbank is that the product owners are very generous paying you as the affiliate from 40% to 75% of the sale.

Benefits of Clickbank

  • Free to join.
  • Instant acceptance for the affiliate to promote product.
  • You don’t have to buy any stock.
  • You don’t have any stock inventory.
  • Clickbank take care of all of the payment processing for you.
  • Thousands of products to choose from.
  • Clickbank always pay on time.
  • Great customer guarantees.
  • Well known, and the biggest of it’s kind.
  • Sales are instantly on your account as soon as payment is processed.
  • Secure purchasing for the customer.
  • Trusted by affiliates world wide.
  • Affiliate training on site.

Pitfalls of Clickbank

  • All information products- down loadable products.
  • Commission payments to the affiliates are made fortnightly, not instantly.

Commission Junction Online Affiliate Program. (CJ)

Commission Junction offer thousands of products to choose from. Many are products that are shipped to the customer after you have referred them from your website and they have decided to buy the product. Commissions range from 4% for products for every day use to 1200% for services and membership programs.

Yes, 1200%, some affiliate programs offer a small monthly fee to customers and know that the customer will use their service for years to come. That is how they can afford to pay you, the affiliate, up to 1200% on the sale. One such company offers a monthly fee for a service for under $10.00 and pays the affiliate who referred the customer up to $100.00 commission. It’s a pretty good deal in anyone’s language.

Benefits of Commission Junction.

  • Free to join.
  • Offer a range of thousands of tangible products, services and memberships.
  • You don’t have to buy any stock.
  • You don’t have to have any stock inventory.
  • Commission Junction take care of the payment processing for you.
  • Trusted by affiliates world wide.
  • Secure payment options for customers.
  • Affiliate training on their site.

Pitfalls of Commission Junction.

  • Commissions are paid monthly.
  • You are not automatically accepted to promote products, manual acceptance can take a few days.
  • You may not be accepted to promote products for some companies. (If rejected, apply again a few weeks later or find a similar product to promote.) Online Affiliate Program.

Amazon has an online affiliate program call Amazon Associates. Amazon is well known world wide and is a highly trusted site amongst online customers. Amazon have been well known for selling books for years, but in the last few years they have diversified into thousands of other products.  The commissions are usually not as high as Clickbank and Commission Junction and average 4% to 15% on sales referrals resulting in a sale, however Amazon is a great affiliate program to cut your teeth on. There is plenty of instruction available and help when you need it.

Amazon provides you with a number of different ways to promote products on your website. They have options for you to make online stores, interactive widgets to place on your site as well as banners and ad links.

Benefits of Amazon.

  • Free to join.
  • Great place to learn about affiliate programs.
  • Highly trusted by online customers.
  • Thousands of products in almost every niche.
  • Not stock to handle or manage.
  • Options to build your own online store, interactive widgets to place on your site.
  • Instant approval given to affiliates to promote products.

Pitfalls of Amazon.

  • Commissions are generally lower.
  • Commissions can take longer to process.

Final thoughts.

Some people have wonderful success with promoting affiliate products on their websites and it is very simple to implement.  As time goes on more and more people are happy to buy products and services online. Some products are only available by purchasing from the internet and the future looks bright for affiliates world wide. It is a growing industry and there are new products released everyday giving the affiliate even more resources to promote and more ways to make money on their websites.

It is vitally important that read all of the terms and conditions and agreements of becoming an affiliate for any of the above mentioned programs. You need to understand how they operate, what and how you are allowed promote their affiliate products and understand the way that you will be paid. You may be required to provide your tax information and other personal details to participate in the various available Online Affiliate Programs.

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  1. I am promoting a number of online affiliate programs. I have always wanted to make a success of Clickbank but I have yet to find a product that I am totally comfortable in promoting, either because I don’t believe in that product or because it just isn’t my thing. I am great with Amazon and CJ tho.

  2. I like using the Google Affiliate Network. I think many people are unaware that Google even has an affiliate program.

  3. very helpfull & informative page, as I’m just starting out with Amazon and getting the feel for affilate marketing