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Admittedly, the greatest part of small businesses as well as web designers does not truly understand and realize the importance of on-page SEO. Actually, if you would like to be good at something, you surely need to totally understand all the principles and basics of this apparatus. In reality, approximately 99% of your on-page SEO should be situated above the fold on your site. Well, I am sure that not every one is familiar with this term “above the fold”. Surely, above the fold belongs to the old newspaper term which defines anything that appears on the front page of a newspaper above the fold. So, this is a kind of headline news which is dealing with selling the newspaper as far as this is the section which is all the day and night running displayed to the whole range of clients. Besides, this term has been adapted for internet utilization meaning the part of the site which loads in the browser and your visitors see it without any need to scroll it. I think it to be quite practical and useful. In addition, it is necessary for you to be aware of the fact that the good portion of your website which tends to appear above the fold should definitely both catch the attention of your clients and simple visitors as well as give the search engines the quality information about your website. What is more all search engines tend to put the most useful and valuable information on the first pages which later influence the traffic and turnover of online marketing company. But, as the result, the majority of small business sites understand this wrong each time it comes to revealing search engines the information which talks about the most vital content on their sites.

If you carefully examine those websites that you used to visit, what is actually the first thing you are likely to observe on the top left hand corner of this website? In reality, there might be one of two things: either an image titled “logo” or a “home” link. If you possess these things in the same position, everything you are advised is just to do some on-page SEO in order to give them some punch with the search engines. Look here, you have to provide your logo image with a keyword title and do not forget to add few so called ALT tags that would necessary involve some keywords in it and a description with the keyword as well. Actually, the same refers to your home link. Well, in fact, you must add your keyword to it in order to refer it to the “my keyword home” and afterwards to include a keyword description to the link code.

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