Making A Connection On Twitter To Improve Your Twitter Marketing

There are seemingly loads of pieces of software out there all promoting the idea of building your Twitter followers using their automated technique. Do yourself a big favour. Don’t use them. Build your followers organically and build your following that way. Here’s why and how to do twitter marketing effectively…

The problem with this apparently brilliant idea is the lack of connection that it gives you with your followers. By automatically following lots of general tweeters (even if they’re in your market), you’re only letting them know you’re there, nothing more. This is something they’re likely to forget unless you actually connect with what they’re trying to achieve.

There are a number of groups that have successfully travelled from the ‘real world’ onto Twitter and I’m sure many more will follow. My own communities, from the theatre and film world and the internet marketing world are doing very well on Twitter. The reason is connection. Without it, you’re just another face in the crowd (not matter how good looking you are!).

If you’re trying to build your business on Twitter then this connection is even more important. After all, what’s the point in everyone knowing that a shop exists if no one actually goes in? It’s the same with your website. People need to see you giving them value.

Take the most successful Twitter users, even the famous ones. They all connect with their followers and give them something unique, whether it’s free info, an insight into their lives or simply a good giggle. For example, Stephen Fry, well-known actor and comedian has built a phenomenal following (over 1.3million people) because he provides a great insight into his life and actually replies to some of the people who mention or tweet him. This kind of engagement with fans adds to his brand value and also means more Twitter users find out about him and his products.

The most effective way to do this is to use Twitter Search in order to find people who are discussing your subject. Go to Google and type in Twitter Search. It’ll be the first result. Go there and type in the words you and your brand can help with.

You can also utilise this tool for some instant market research. What are the tweets that come up again and again? If there’s a recurring problem then this is a good indication that there’s a possible market for something that solves this issue.

Remember, by using Twitter Search, you’ll immediately see a number of Twitter users discussing subjects that you can join in with. This needn’t be a challenge either. There are a host of ways to do effective twitter marketing. But you need to find someone who’s found out how to do it. It’s not the size of your Twitter following… It’s how you provide them with value.

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