Make Money Quickly – A Few Ideas About How To Make Fast Money

I strongly believe that the best way to make money online is by planning, preparation and constant testing. However there comes a time in everyone’s life that they need to make money fast. The best way to make fast money is to become creative and offer something that no one else is offering.

Obviously it’s a lot easier to make a few hundred dollars in a short space of time than a few thousand. However if you can get yourself a bankroll of a few hundred dollars it is possible to turn that into several thousand with luck and skill.

Here are a few ideas that may help you if you need a quick influx of cash.

Offer your services on sites like There are always people looking for somebody to post articles or get links from directories. You’ll also find that if you offer to write articles within a few hours you’ll get immediate business. A simple post stating that you will write 10 articles and return them within 8 hours for $50 for the first person to reply will be guaranteed to earn you $50. If you can write articles quickly you should easily be able to do 2 of these in a day.

Place ads in USfreeads or Craigslist offering to perform manual tasks for people in your locality. Notices in local papers and shops can also get you a lot of business. Once you get your first job ask for a reference this will help you get more jobs.

If there is a local internet cafe ask them if you can run a course on using computers or even affiliate marketing if you have the skills. Offer the cafe a cut of your profits and point out that you’ll be bringing them customers in their quite periods. Then advertise this in the local area. There are many senior citizens who would like to learn how to use email or Skype also many people who would love to know how to make money online.

Sell your junk on eBay. Spend time creating a good ad and create a story around whatever you are selling. Auctions with stories generate more bids and therefore higher selling prices. I once sold my daughters bike on eBay for a little less than it cost 2 years previously because I wove a story about how she was planning to do the tour de France on it but had been banned by the French government (it was pink and had a basket and training wheels!). People passed the link around and didn’t mind paying over the value because they had a good laugh at the auction.

Finally you’ll often find that very good money can be made by buying things that look bad cosmetically, cleaning them and reselling them for a profit. I once purchased a 10 year old car that looked terrible but had a good engine and good bodywork. The interior and exterior was really disgusting so I got it for £100 ($200). I then spent the weekend cleaning it inside and out until it gleamed. I took it to a local auction on the following Tuesday and it sold for £800 ($1600). If I had sold it privately I would have made much more but I needed cash quickly.

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