Link Building Services – Introduction

There are basically two types of link building services, free and paid. This is probably the best kept SEO secret that super affiliates use everyday to rank their sites in the top three in the major search engines. The secrets out!!

The way it works is that you write content, an article, submit it for approval, and when approved your article is then syndicated to be published on blogs within your chosen niche or category. The power of having targeted links from your chosen niche linking back to your blog is phenomenal.

Now, let me just clarify, I’m not talking about black hat tactics, link farms or anything non-legit. This is a tried and true method of off page SEO that works wonders when implemented the right way.

Link Building Services – Free and Paid Options.

So, you can write an article and submit it for syndication but is there anything else to these link building services? Well, yes, some of these link building sites also allow you to list your own blog and with a few tweaks of your settings within your wordpress blog you can have content posted to your site for free. The content will have one or two backlinks to the author’s site and this is how they are rewarded for supplying your content for free.

Free sites usually have limited use for free members and all have options for you to upgrade to being a paid member. When signing up for a free membership expect to get lots of emails promoting benefits of becoming a paid member.

The Benefits Of Link Building Services.

The benefits of both types are that you can have your content syndicated (with a couple of links back to your blog) around the web giving you high quality, niche specific backlinks. This can be described as backlink gold!

You can achieve this type of result on your own if you are prepared to contact blog owners in your niche and ask them if you can do some guest writing for their blog. This option can take some time – emails back an forth – an ultimately the blog owner could reject your blog post or article and it may never be seen.

Another added benifit is that you can also choose to have free content added to your blog that is on topic and relevant to your niche. I would not reccommend this if you are just starting out – but it is a possible option for those who just want to add a bit of fresh content to an established blog. Of course, if you would rather write your own content for your blog there is no expectation for you to list your blog – it’s up to you.

The Challenges Of Link Building Services.

With article writing, the problem is that unless you provide a high quality spun article (re-written in several different versions) you risk flagging the major search engines for duplicate content. Sure, you might initially get 20-40 backlinks to your page, but when the search engine bots take a closer look and see duplicate content all of your links could be removed and you may also be penalized  – no-one wants that.

Another issue is control. By using linking services, you, as a webmaster, must be in control. For example, say you have had a blog and it has been building backlinks slowly, say at 5 a day, for the past six months. If you aggressively start submitting your spun articles for syndication (to be published on other blogs) at a rate of 50 a day, the major search engines will be flagged about your blogs new activity on the web and most of your articles backlinks will be ignored. Again, penalties might also occur.

If you follow the rules and are very careful about how you submit your content for publishing, applying time frames, then link building services can add an amazing level of high value backlinks. If done correctly you could see your site rise up through the ranks and be on page one in very little time. Let’s face it, if you are not on page one you are basically invisible to 99% of prospective buyers. Not many people ever visit page two.

In the next post called Link Building Services – Pros and Cons we will look at the pros and cons of free and paid Link Building Services.


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