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Blog Comment Demon Product Review.

Today we look a  blog comment software tool called Blog Comment Demon that can save you literally hundreds of hours finding niche specific blogs to comment on to build great quality backlinks.

Why Comment On Blogs?

If you have been internet marketing for a while you know that ranking in the major search engines is basically a popularity contest. Having great content optimizing SEO techniques on your blog posts or articles will only get you so far.  It’s all about the number of high quality, highly relevant inbound one way links you have coming into your site or blog.

Blog commenting is a great way to steadily build relevant, high quality, niche specific one way links back to your blog. The main problem is that finding niche specific blogs to comment on is really time consuming.

The Free Blog Commenting Option.

A free way to comment on blogs and websites is to use this formula in your search engine to find sites relevant to your niche. Simple type the following into your search engine.

inurl:”your keyword”

Copy and paste, replace your keyword with your what you are searching for relevant to your niche and Google or other search engine will return thousands of webpages. Next, you will need to manually check the returned searches (url’s) to see if:-

  1. They allow comments.
  2. Their Page Rank.
  3. Their site suffix eg. .com, .net, .org
  4. The popularity of their post/article.
  5. When the blog/site was last updated.
  6. As well as many other factors – the list goes on and on.

Sure, you can do all of the above for free, but it is time consuming and can be frustrating.

Blog Comment Demon – A Better Way.

I have been personally using this blog commenting tool for only a couple of weeks and I’m so impressed with it I wanted to share it with all my readers. The ease and depth of analysis with this tool is without match – you can even track if your comments have been approved.

The most impressive thing is that the blog comment demon is a totally white hat strategy – no bots or spamming here. You have complete control and through the tool you can even read the article or post and leave a highly relevant comment that will be seen as valuable to the blog owner.  A valuable comment gets published – and you get a niche specific backlink in return.

Check out the video for a brief explanation of what the Blog Comment Demon does and how it can work for you.

To sign up for the free training videos click on the “More Info” button on the top right hand side of the video.

Blog Comment Demon Software Benefits.

Here is a few benefits of this amazing blog comment software.

  • Saves hundreds or even thousands of hours.
  • Easy to use – a couple of short training videos and your ready to go.
  • Build backlinks in a controlled way – remember slow and steady wins the rankings race.
  • Have absolute control of comment content.
  • Can be used for multiple keywords, niches and url’s.
  • Tracking comment approval ratings – no more guess work.
  • Blog management function – Keep files on all of the work you completed to avoid doubling up.
  • Have your blog commenting finished in a matter of minutes, not hours.
  • Inexpensive – one time payment – no ongoing membership fee.
  • Free updates for life.
  • 60 day – iron clad – money back guarantee = no risk to you – try it out for a full 60 days and if you are not completely satisfied get a full refund – no questions asked!

Blog Comment Demon Software Features.

  • Blogs Searched By Your Keyword. This is a huge time saver. Simply type in a keyword related to your blogs niche, click on start and “hey presto!” a list of blogs directly related to your keyword appear.
  • Top Level Domains. This feature allows you to see if the blog is a top level domain. For example you can easily identify the domain suffix is a .com, .net, .org and even if the blog domain is a .gov or .edu. If you have been around for a while you will know that if a domain is a .gov or .edu carries a lot more weight with ranking in the major search engines.
  • Page Rank. In the click of a button see page rank of all of the blogs in the list. High page rank blogs may not easily approve your comment and comments are usually held in moderation, but if you write your genuine comment to include the title of their blog post this will greatly increase your chance for your comment to be published on their blog.
  • Do Follow – No Follow Tags. The debate continues about do-follow and no-follow tags on blogs. Do-follow basically means that the blog will give you a backlink for a good quality comment, no-follow means that they are not obliged to give a backlink. Blogging platforms such as WordPress automatically have no-follow tags unless the blog owner installs the do-follow plug in to over ride this function. To me, the no-follow tag is of little consequence. Search engine bots crawl the blogs and sites and see the url link back to your site/blog and credit you for it anyway. It may take a little longer to get the link and sometimes you will not get the link at all – but there’s no harm in trying.
  • The Blog Number Of Comments. I don’t know if this is important to deciding if you want to comment on a blog or not. If the blog has a couple of comments published then you would be happy to leave your comment too. Conversely, if the blog has thousands of comments I would most likely steer away from it. It could be possible that the blog has been targeted by spamming software and you most likely wouldn’t want to be associated with spammers.
  • Out Going Links. Shows the number of links the blog sends out into the internet linking to other peoples blogs or websites.
  • Recent Post Date. Identifies the last post date so you can see if the content your are commenting on is current. If you comment on old blog posts they may not be published very quickly – if at all.
  • Blog Post Title. This allows you to see the blog post title so you can determine if this post is directly related to your niche. Once or twice I have noticed that some blogs may have multiple topics and these blogs would not be as targeted as a blog that is within your own niche.
  • Comment Approval Tracking. Here is my absolute favorite feature of this great blog comment software. After spending a few years manually finding good quality blogs to comment on, I never knew if my comments were approved or not. I guess I could have spent more time taking note of each of the blog url’s and checked back often to see if my comments were approved – but who has time to do all that back tracking.

Manually commenting on blogs can be a very hit and miss internet marketing strategy, but with Blog Comment Demon you won’t need to waste any time – it’s all done for you with the click of a button. I’m sure once you have a good look at all of the benefits and features of the blog comment demon product you will agree that it is this year’s must have blog comment software.

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  1. I agree. Blog commenting is the best way to have high quality and relevant links back to your site yet it is really time consuming. When you do blog commenting manually it really takes time to know whether your comments are approve or not. I am interested regarding with this software, is it free or not? Let me know, thanks!
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