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How to become a Successful Internet Marketer


I’ll tell you a secret. I’ve spent thousands (over $20,000.00) on Internet Marketing Tools and didn’t learn how to make money until recently. Here is the best Internet Marketing Tools I’ve found.

My success online, getting on Google Front Page, money and lifestyle, didn’t happen by accident or lucky breaks but by years of trialing different Internet Marketing Courses and Programs, products and strategies. I’ve spent over $20,000.00 on Internet Marketing Tools and education and didn’t learn anything actually relevant – the stuff that actually makes money- until the last few months. Most of my success has come from using free and low cost products, I’m going to share this information with you.


Because I’ve had a hard time getting to where I am now, and spent many hours disillusioned with Internet Marketing, and at times I nearly gave up on the whole idea. I researched the Super Affiliates, the ones who make millions online, and found that they were average, everyday people who knew more about Internet Marketing than me. I became hungry to know all about Internet Marketing and how they did it. I also knew that success might be just around the corner so, I kept on going. And yes, I’m very glad I did.

Patience – It Does Take Time

Below are my top picks of tools that will help you get to the point of success, page 1 on Google and get the cash flowing in. Now before I share these secrets you have to realize that nothing amazing is going to happen overnight, I have spent thousands of hours sorting the great stuff from the rubbish and even when you have the right tools it takes time to learn, practice and perfect you online strategies. It might take several months before you see great results depending on your own time commitments, how fast you learn and how patient you are. You will need to work and work at it, even when you can’t be bothered… consistency is KEY!

Remember it does take time, if you are expecting overnight success…. all I can suggest is move on to the next “great offer” on another website. However keep in mind and remember the age old rule, “If it sound too good to be true, then it  probably is!”  I learned this the hard and expensive way. The choice is yours.

Here is a Few of My Favorites

These Internet Marketing tools are tried and tested and are in my opinion absolutely essential to you online success.

Year of the Affiliate – Learn Internet Marketing for Free

Market Samurai – Keyword Research Tool

As more tools past my high standards for being easy to use, effective and the best value for money they will be added here.

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