Image Advertising – Is A Necessary Part Of Successful Business.

A type of advertising is linked closely to its objectives and the latter in turn – with groups of people, users of the product (service). Before choosing one or another form of advertising, you must define for yourself a goal that you pursue in this case:

1. Formation of a consumer a certain level of knowledge about the products, services;
2. Formation of a consumer a certain image of the company;
3. Building the needs in the goods, services;
4. Formation of a benevolent attitude to the company;
5. Encouraging consumers to apply to this company;
6. Inducement to the acquisition of this product at this firm;
7. Sales promotion of goods or use services;
8. Acceleration of trade;
9. Striving to make this consumer a regular customer of this product, a client of the company;
10. Formation the image of a reliable partner at other firms.

The list can be modified or continued in accordance with your notions of aims. However, this list is enough detail to determine the needs of the company. In practice, the ads rarely has only one purpose, usually the goals intersect in the promotional event.

Let’s look in more detail in the image advertising.

In general, it is an advertising to create a favorable image of your company and products. Its main role – is to get acquainted the potential customers with the products, with its purpose, characteristics, as well as activities, with the benefits that the buyer receive, turning to you.

The second role of image advertising – is to create a favorable impression of this product or company. In general, the main purpose of image advertising – is to fix in the minds of a wide range of people a positive image of the product or company.

Image ads usually effects wider than other types of advertising. This is advertising “for the future.” It aims not only to direct purchasers, but to the wider community in order to extend the list of products and scope of your company, or the product has already aroused positive emotions in customers.

Image advertising involves creating a positive image of the product or the company at the general population. Such advertising will assist greatly to smooth the failures of individual advertising campaigns.

The most effective for image advertising are:

– Commercials on television;
– Outdoor advertising;
– Advertising in newspapers and popular magazines;
– Participation in charity events with the lighting of your participation in the media.

As a rule, the firms with strong market positions, and therefore with stable income can afford image advertising. It mainly concerns the firms engaged in the production and sale of goods. The situation is different in the services sector, especially financial.

Banks and investment funds start out their activity with image advertising, since they cannot achieve any tangible success without a certain image and customer confidence. The task image advertising is a characteristic of large firms while doing major advertising campaigns.

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