How You Can Ensure The Proper Twitter Attitude For Your Business

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The first rule is to have a purpose for your Tweets. People join Twitter for different reasons, so it is important to establish why you joined. Whether your reason is to connect with friends and family or to network for business purposes, make it clear.

This brings me to the next rule, which is to have separate accounts if you have multiple purposes. Your friends and family may not care about the latest news in your industry and your business followers do not care what you had for dinner. Separate business from everything else, please.

Avoid Tweeting while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Just don’t do it. Don’t use @ to have a back and forth conversation with a single user. That is what Direct Messages are for. Don’t get too personal. Sexuality and bodily functions should be kept to yourself. Young teens and elderly people use Twitter, too, so be respectful.

Tips for a healthy Twitter Following

Be helpful to others. There is nothing wrong with posting links to your own content, but not all of your Tweets should be self-promotional.Find out more about tweetomatic profiteer mike wright here.

Show appreciation for your followers. Send a DM to new followers and thank them for the follow. (Again, don’t spam them, just say “thanks.”)

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