How To Make Money Online – Truths And Falsehoods In Affiliate Marketing

There are many ways to make money online, and most new inspired internet marketers who come online looking for ways to do so usually first get enticed by one of two online money making business models. The first is online network marketing, or multi-level marketing. The second is affiliate marketing. This article will focus on the latter – affiliate marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the truths and falsehoods that are floating being the affiliate marketing frenzy.

For this article, I am going to review the statements of the marketing website of a popular affiliate marketing training program called “Multiple Streams of Income Online.” This site and affiliate marketing training program is a comprehensive training site developed and marketed by Nick Marks, who was voted the 2007 Internet Entrepreneur of the Year.

The first statement that Nick makes in his headline is this: you can “make money online” starting in “one hour from now!” Hmm…is this true?Well – yes it is true…if you are a very fast reader and you can read through the main parts of the training and set up your affiliate endorsement very quickly on a blog or other free type website. Then you would have to quickly set up some strategies to get traffic to the blog or website you quickly set up. Then you would have to hope that your timing is just right so that within the same hour someone comes to your site and make a purchase through one of your affiliate links! So yes it is true, you could make money starting within an hour, especially if you are particularly speedy. However, if you are just starting out, then it is more realistic to say that you could make money your very first day. And honestly, the most realistic prediction would be to say that you can expect to start making some money online in your very first week.

Another statement that is made on Nick’s website for his affiliate marketing training is that “this system has never failed.” Now of course that is a bold statement. How can he know for sure that everyone who has purchased and tried out his system has done well? He’s pretty confident. But I do agree with him that an affiliate marketing system set up appropriately when the necessary background research has been done, really cannot fail. The best affiliate marketing strategies involve knowing where your “hungry market” is online, finding a product that meets their need….and then sending them to your affiliate website or blog to educate them and make the sale. This is a marketing model that has never failed either online nor offline. 1) Find a widespread need in your community or in the online community 2) Offer a service or product that meets that need, 3) Make sure the people who need the service or product know about it and know where to get it, 4) Ask a reasonable price for the product or service. Now that is a fool-proof marketing strategy that always works — and when affiliate marketing online takes the same 4 steps into account, then the affiliate marketing system truly will not fail.

Finally, one of the popular teachings of affiliate marketing is that you can start for about $20 to set up your business. And yes, this is absolutely true. If you already have a computer and internet access (preferably high speed) then affiliate marketing is one of the least expensive ways to get started earning income online. And by using advertising sources such as forums, safelists, and the better traffic exchanges…you can even set up your system with no money out of pocket whatsoever!

I know much of that still sounds too good to be true. But let me tell you this — learning how to make money online by affiliate marketing is one of the best kept secrets in the world. Invest a little time in learning the basics, then follow through on the plan on “getting the word out online” about your offer and endorsement. When done correctly, you should start seeing paychecks fairly quickly…and yes, MAYBE even in your first hour. is one of the best resource to dig about how to make money online available on the internet.Find out more ABOUT how to make money quickly at, Here you will get ideas of how to make money quickly. For more information about how to make money quickly, please CLICK THE LINK

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