How To Avoid Branding Yourself As A Spammer On Facebook

As network marketers we all know that our business is all about building relations with people, anyone who is not happy with this should leave the industry!

If we are marketing online then there are lots of strategies to join with folk. There are numerous social platforms available and the largest of them all now is Facebook. Most people using the internet have a Facebook account, it’s the 2nd most popular internet site in the world! With over 2 hundred million users and growing at a rapid pace it would be a great spot to connect to folks.

Many marketing experts have witnessed the potential of Facebook and are using it to market their business. Unfortunately most are doing it the wrong way and end up being spammers. Spamming their junk offers and links all over Facebook, it can become quite annoying! Many times I’ve had to hit the spam button on my inbox as the next serious money making opportunity lands in there.

Any marketer should understand that Facebook should be used as a tool to hook up with folks, not to try to sell their business or products. If used properly then Facebook could be a extremely powerful tool for online social marketers. Just remember not to become a spammer! Here are some tips about marketing on Facebook.

When you set up your profile, it truly should be geared absolutely towards you and not your business opportunity, people will want to find about you, so include photos and lots of info that is just about you. Sure you can have links to your websites ; there’s nothing bad with that. But if someone visits your profile and it feels like you are just there to try to sell them something, then you have lost the battle instantly.

You may want to join one of the many groups on Facebook. There are lots of relating to all kinds of different niches so you are sure to find one appropriate. You should be aiming to offer value to these groups and very infrequently you’ll be forgiven for posting a link to one of your money sites. Just make sure that eighty percent of the time or even more, you are providing valuable input and not pitching.

You may post information to other mates walls, which is a good method to get your name spread around, again only post content and videos that are of interest and not blatant pitches. You may also add mates, but when you do i find it loads more effective to actually send a private message to them too. It actually gets the accord building process off to a great start. I have generated many leads from Facebook from doing this, they then come into my sales funnel where I give them some real worth and at last some will purchase products from me.

Bear these things in mind when using Facebook and any social network and you will see some great rewards in your internet marketing mlm business.

Obtain realistic recommendations about one way links – please make sure to study the web site. The times have come when proper info is really only one click of your mouse, use this opportunity.

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