Internet Marketing Courses

This is a no nonsense guide on internet marketing courses and what you need to be aware of before signing up and handing over your hard earned money. In this article I will give you real information about what you need to look for and it can potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run. This is quite a long article but it is worthwhile to be informed.

This is not a sales or pitch page, I will provide some real advice and give you a couple of suggestions of internet marketing training courses that meet our strict criteria at the bottom of the page. These are courses that I have personally learned internet marketing skills from and offer the best value for money internet marketing training available. It is up to you if you have a closer look at those courses, it’s entirely up to your own discretion.

What Are Internet Marketing Courses?

Internet marketing courses provide you with an education focusing on methods, techniques and internet marketing strategies so you can learn how to build your website to improve your chances of internet marketing success.

A good internet marketing training course will give you all the information you need to perform strategic internet marketing techniques to give your website or blog the very best chance to rank highly in the search engines generic search.

Internet marketing education courses can be delivered in a number of ways. You can choose a number of different options including;

  • Membership Sites.
  • Home Study Courses.
  • Hard Copy Books.
  • Instant Download Books.

You may also be given the option of one on one coaching or online seminars (called webinars) that you can attend as part of the education package. Some training courses also offer help desk options to answer your questions with in 24 hours while other courses have membership forums where you can have your questions answered more quickly.

What To Look For In An Internet Marketing Course.

There are a number of factors to check off the list when looking for a comprehensive internet marketing course. First we will list these factors and then look at each one in more detail.

  • Internet Marketing Methods are tested.
  • Minimal Hype.
  • Faked sales results.
  • Avoid get rich quick promises.
  • After Sales Support.
  • The Cost. Is it good value for money?
  • Offers a money back guarantee.

Internet Marketing Methods are Tested.

Many unscrupulous marketers online just are really good at selling. They sell the latest marketing courses online. Although they may do some research on the product, they have not actually used it and just sell what ever they can make the most money out of. If you have an inbox filled with emails from the same people, day in and day out, you will know what I mean.

There are other marketers who are great at creating products to sell online. Most of the work is done by others through outsourcing to develop a product that specializes in one or two aspects of internet marketing.

There are many aspects to successful marketing online and you need to understand that to be successful at building your online business or website you need to implement a number of different on page and off page search engine optimization techniques and strategies to get great results.

There is no magic bullet, there is no one thing that can give you success online. Online marketing success is not rocket science, it is a simple process of firstly learning the right methods and strategies, implementing what you have learned and being consistent.

Minimal Hype.

If you have been looking for and internet marketing course for a while that will teach you what you need to know to be successful online, you have probably opted in to a number of websites to get updates about the latest products. Your inbox is probably bulging with offers everyday and you might have even bought into software or courses that are based purely on hype.

I’m sure you are familiar with rags to riches stories, exotic dancers who performed for millionaire online entrepreneurs and these millionaires gave the secret to their online success to the lovely dancing lady for free. Or perhaps an older gentleman sat in his office and told you a sob story about how he almost lost his home, his wife and family before he stumbled upon the secret ingredient to online success and now he is a millionaire.

Don’t feel bad if you have bought in to these types of hyped up marketing techniques, they are very clever and know exactly what to say to evoke emotion, to make you want to buy. These types of strategies have been around for years and when you are in the weaken emotional state you are more likely to purchase and logic takes a holiday.

It has happened to all of us, we have all bought useless software or auto blogging software that takes up your time and doesn’t make you any money. It’s best to just put those purchases down to a learning experience and move on.

Faked sales results.

It is really easy to fake massive sales results, there is even software that is designed mimicking clickbank pages that you can get to show huge amounts coming into accounts. The best way to protect yourself is to be informed, to make sure that the figures shown are realistic and that the person showing the figures on the sales video goes to a day and date website and then logs into their accounts live. This is a way that you can be assured that the information is not faked.

Avoid get rich quick promises.

Although I have heard it said, “Quick is the best way to get rich” overnight success stories are extremely rare. It is usually that the person telling the story has been learning diligently for years and has put the pieces of the puzzle together over a long period of time. They use a number of internet marketing techniques and have a firm plan of tried and tested strategies that they follow.

Ninety five percent of people who try to make money online fail and give up. The main reason why people fail at online marketing is because they initially get bad advice and give up after the first bad experience. Those that succeed online have commitment, a will to succeed, persistence and learn how to sift through information to find the best advice.

After Sales Support.

It goes without saying that there needs to be good after sales service. You will have questions and you will need those questions answered in a timely way. Good courses offer places online to help you like a help desk, support site or an online forum where you can ask your questions.

The Cost. Is it good value for money?

There are many different cost options for online marketing courses online. The prices vary from under a hundred dollars right up to over twenty thousand dollars. Although, it is well known that you get what you pay for, however this can be untrue when it comes to internet marketing courses.

I have personally paid around eighteen thousand for a course which did not deliver any of the promises given and was a huge waste of money and conversely, I have spent three hundred dollars on a course that over delivered on it’s promises and made me money almost instantly after implementing a few of the suggested strategies.

Now, more than ever before, there are many options for affordable internet marketing training courses. If you are just starting out, I would advise that you invest in an high quality internet marketing training course that is less than five hundred dollars. It is a reasonably small investment to start a new business. It is also not too much to spend to find out if this is the type of business you want to build and develop into a regular income source.

Offers a money back guarantee.

Most internet marketing training courses will offer a money back guarantee. They generally will offer a full 60 days to try the course and if you don’t feel that you have got what you paid for you can request a refund.  If the course you are thinking of buying does not offer a money back guarantee then my advice is not to buy it.

Internet Marketing Courses I Recommend.

Here are two internet marketing courses that meet my strict criteria and I can personally recommend. They both fit into under five hundred dollar category and are both excellent value for money. I have learned my internet marketing skills from these and by following the techniques and strategies contained in these courses I now supplement my income to the point that I only work for others a few hours a week. I will be totally retiring from working for others by the end of 2011.

Learn How to Blog – $397.00

Learn How To Blog

Learn How to Blog Course is designed to take you from being an absolute newbie online to knowing exactly what you need to do to have a successful blog online. You will learn how to blog, how to set up and run your own blog from scratch and how to learn how to make money online.

This program is delivered by Sean Rasmussen, who makes literally millions online, so you are learning from someone who really knows what works online and what doesn’t.

SEO Experts Academy – $297.00

SEO Experts Academy internet marketing course is more for those who already have some experience in internet marketing.

Although the course creators, Matt Carter and Terry Kyle state that anyone can have success with this course, my experience is that you would need at least a basic understanding of blogging, running self hosted blogs and have at least a basic understanding of keyword research and strategies for marketing.

To learn more about either of these courses, simply click on either of the pictures above to be taken to the website that can give you much more information about these two value packed internet marketing courses.

6 Ways To Get Your Blog Ranked High On Google

Getting your blog ranked high on Google is a fantastic way to attract potential clients. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Select Your Keywords and Keyword Phrases
Choose the keywords and keyword phrases you would like your blog post to rank high for on the Google search engine results page. For instance, I wish my blog post to rank high for the term, “blog ranked high on Google.” Currently there are approximately 286,000 pages using this term so I’ll have to try to to everything in my power to compete with these net pages to get my blog post on the primary page of the Google results page for that term.

My keyword phrase conjointly includes other keyword phrases like, “ranked high on Google” with concerning 310,000 competing pages and “high on Google” with over seventy one million competing pages. Getting to the primary page for these terms would be a bonus.

2. Use Your Keywords in Your Blog Title
Google pays terribly close attention to the words and phrases you use in your blog title. Notice how I used the term, “blog ranked high on Google” in the title of this article. It is important to use your keyword phrase in your blog title if you would like to rank high for that phrase on the Google results page.

Another reason you wish to use your keyword phrase in your blog title is to present your reader a direct understanding on what your blog post is about. If your blog is listed at the high of the search engine results page for your keyword phrase however nobody reads it, it’s of no value. Use a title that will cause folks to click through to your blog post.

The New York Times creates 2 different titles for their articles. They use a catchy, inventive or humorous title for their newspaper, and a keyword specific title for the articles and blogs they post to the Internet. They do this because folks looking for jokes concerning the eating habits of nuns usually attend an exploration engine and kind, “jokes about the eating habits of nuns,” not “Nuns, Buns and Puns.”

3. Use Your Keywords in Your Blog Text
Notice how the keyword phrase, “blog ranked high on Google,” is employed throughout this blog post. Google pays attention to the text on a blog so as to understand what the blog post is about. Once Google comprehends the content of the blog post, it will categorize the blog primarily based on that information. By using your keyword phrase in your text, each Google and your readers can quickly understand what your blog post is about, allowing Google to accurately categorize your blog creating it easy for your shoppers to find.

In the past, search engine consultants encouraged writers to use their keyword phrase in the first 25 words of their text and once more in the last sentence. Today, the search engines don’t appear to pay as abundant attention to word placement, but reader’s do.

If your article is regarding your keyword phrase, it’s a smart idea to use it in the primary and last sentence as a result of it helps your reader quickly understand what your blog post is about. It’s also a good plan to use your keyword phrase in the primary sentence as a result of that’s the text that’s presumably to indicate in the outline text on the search results page.

4. Link To Your Blog With Keyword Rich Anchor Text
Get as many one-means links leading back to your blog post as potential from as several quality blogs and websites as you can. Do your best to insure that the text people click on to urge back to your web site includes your keywords and keyword phrases. This can be known in Web promoting circles as anchor text.

In this example I want the anchor text leading back to my blog post to possess the keyword phrase, “blog ranked high on Google,” because the clickable text. The clickable text is that the means by which all of these different internet sites and blogs tell Google what your blog post is about.

Google provides way additional weight to the theme of your blog post based mostly on the quality and size of the sites linking back to your blog than the text on your blog. For example, if you do a Google hunt for the term, “click here,” you will be taken to the Adobe Reader download internet page. It’s attention-grabbing to notice the term “click here” does not appear anywhere on that page. The reason the Adobe Reader download page comes up initial for this term is as a result of there are scores of other sites that use the anchor text, “click here,” to direct folks to the Adobe Reader download page.

There are two wonderful ways that to get keyword rich anchor text directing folks back to your blog post. The first is to jot down and submit a piece about your blog post to different internet website and blog homeowners who can upload your article to their site. In return those internet site and blog house owners can give you with a keyword rich anchor text link from your article back to your blog. They get great content for his or her net website and you get a valuable one-approach link back to your blog post.

The second approach is to encourage alternative blog homeowners to write concerning your blog post. In doing so, they’re terribly doubtless to use your blog title because the anchor text leading readers back to your post. This is another excuse why it’s therefore vital to use your keyword phrase in your blog title.

5. Ask Your Readers To Digg Your Blog Post
Raise your readers to inform the rest of the planet about your blog post by submitting it to 1 of the social bookmarking sites. They embody DIGG, Stumble, Blink and many others. If the title of your blog post includes your keyword phrase, it’s possible that this is how your readers will describe your blog post to the social bookmarking sites. This helps Google decide where to rank your web site on the search results page.

6. Blog On A Community Web site
Recognized Knowledgeable, Active Rain, and Christian Blog are all examples of niche community blog sites. Recognized Knowledgeable could be a site for promoting consultants, Active Rain is for assets professionals and the Christian blog is for, you guessed it, Christians. These niche sites have tons of traffic along with the undivided attention of Google and the opposite search engines.

If you are a promoting skilled for instance, blogging on a site like Recognized Knowledgeable can push your blog post to the prime of the search results page during a matter of hours. That is a huge reason to blog on a community site. If you wrote the same content on your own blog, it could take months to be seen by Google, and you will never get close to the primary page for your keyword phrase.

Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and the other search engines explore busy community sites for brand spanking new content every few minutes. On the opposite hand, they visit newer and smaller sites each few months. If you are serious regarding generating business from blogging, contemplate blogging on a subject specific community site.

Apply these six steps to every blog post you write, and you will quickly create an enormous following of shoppers and potential clients. This is how the professional bloggers get their blogs ranked high on Google.

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Affiliate Marketing Methods Explained

Affiliate marketing methods are numerous. There are methods, followed by a row of tools and techniques, then a million variations in between. All you need is to discover what they are variations. The heart of virtually all methods of affiliate marketing is the same. Let’s run through it in this article.

First you need visitors

The methods of affiliate marketing begin with the traffic. It is the lifeblood of any successful (and by that I mean rich) online guru. It is no different from a shop on the street, you need a supply of people passing daily or at least some method to get there (ie advertising).

When it comes to the Internet that you can have visitors on a tour of (ie you find through a search engine) or establish a network to capture and funnel visitors to your site.) One tip here is to find ways to get 10 100 visitors to your site and not just a way to get 1000. It makes life much easier and more manageable.

Traffic comes in two types …

There are those who are willing to spend money and the guy who just wants to watch. With care, the creation of your system means you can focus on both types of customers. However, if you could only choose one, would be for buyers who are willing to spend money first.

The easiest approach to buyers is to the keywords that are indicative of cash expenditure. Words like “buy online XYZ” or “xyz evaluation,” say a buyer. For the cold, buyers of the window you can easily create a system to become one of the parties concerned and then a buyer. It just takes longer.

If you want to sell …

Because affiliate marketing methods exist to create some money (or, ideally, wealth in abundance) at some point you’ll have to sell to your visitors. How and when it does it is entirely their choice but the old saying “People buy from other people they know, like and trust” is equally true online.

Turn visitors into readers of trust, let your personality come through the website and then going to buy from you. Learn the art of pre-sales and help users to reach the purchase decision is usually the best method of affiliate marketing here.

In conclusion …

In any industry the best customer service are those who spend money, buy several times and are loyal to you. Selling is easy once, selling twice going to have to become an authority in your niche or build e-mail marketing list members. Then, loyalty to you (so you can sell as much as possible) reduces to the construction of a relationship and you become a trusted advisor.

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And some general tips – today the web technologies give you a really unique chance to choose exactly what you need for the best price on the market. Strange, but most of the people don’t use this chance. In real practice it means that you should use all the tools of today to get the info that you need.

Search Google and other search engines. Visit social networks and have a look on the accounts that are relevant to your topic. Go to the niche forums and participate in the online discussion. All this will help you to create a true vision of this market. Thus, giving you a real chance to make a wise and nicely balanced decision.

And also sign up to the RSS feed on this blog, because we will do the best to keep this blog tuned up to the day with new wealthy affiliate scam publications.