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Many people ask me  – how do you make money writing a blog? Well, I can’t really answer that in a one or two sentence response. I use many different strategies and many different methods to make money writing blogs. I have been learning these strategies and methods predominantly from one person – Sean Rasmussen. More about Sean later in this article.

How to make money writing a blog.

Write about interesting things.

First of all your blog needs to be about something that other people are interested in. You might be interested in braiding horses manes, but if there are very few people interested in the same topic it will be hard to make money from that type of idea.The key thing is to solve a problem, offer a solution or ease someones pain. If you write a blog that can do those things, then you can potentially make a lot of money writing your blog.

Keyword Research.

The main thing in deciding what to blog about when you want to make money is keyword research. A keyword is simply what people put into their search engine when they are looking for information or when they want to buy something online.

There are many good keyword research tools available which can make your research much easier. My favorite tool is Market Samurai, which is a paid tool. If you are just beginning with research I would suggest that you check out the Google Keyword Tool. It is a free option which gives you lots of information about what keywords people are looking for.

Getting Rankings.

The next important step is to get your blog ranking in the search engines. There are various ways to get your blog and pages ranked int the search engines which include on page and off page SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. It can be an involved process but a very important one.

If your blog is not ranked highly in the search engines it can be almost impossible to make money writing a blog. The best way to learn about the involved process of getting ranked on the major search engines is to invest in a good internet marketing education by enrolling in a good quality internet marketing course. This education will give you the best possible chance to learn about SEO and give you the skills to dominate online.

Monetizing Your Blog.

So, once you have completed the above steps:

  • You have a blog that is of interest to other people,
  • You have researched the keywords that you are trying to make money from,
  • You have written some great articles for your blog,
  • You have implemented effective SEO techniques and have acheived high rankings.

Now is the time to monetize your blog. This is the way that you make money online writing a blog. This basically means that now your blog is seen by the major search engines as important enough to be placed highly in the rankings, now is the time to start adding ways to make money off your blog. There are many ways you can monetize your blog here are the top three.

  • Affiliate programs.
  • Adsense.
  • CPA Programs – Cost per action.

Affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs give you a way to make money writing a blog without having a product or service to offer. You advertise the product or service on your blog by using a graphic banner or linked text. When your blog visitor clicks on the banner or linked text they are taken to the product or service offer and when they buy, then you receive a commission for sending them to the offer.

Commissions vary greatly between different products. Digital products like downloadable software or ebooks can pay up to 75%, some other companies offer big commissions on membership sites (such as web hosting) where they will pay up to 1100% on the initial sign up fee because they know that people will continue to pay a monthly subscription or service fee long term.

Physical products usually offer smaller percentage of commission from 4% to 20% but higher end products (over $100.00) can make it worth while to promote their products. I would suggest that new affiliates target items that you will get paid a minimum of $10.00 commission, per item sold.

My favorite affiliate programs are;


Adsense is Google advertising program and you can place adsense blocks of ads on your blog very easily. The way it works is that when people visit your blog they will see the adsense ads and the ads are designed to be about the topic on your page. If people want more information about that topic they can click on the adsense ads. Each time they click on an ad on your blog adsense pays you for that click and you make money.

Adsense can be a very easy way to make money online especially of your blog is about topics that many people want to know about. Currently Google pays adsense advertisers about 60% of the revenue so if a click is worth $2.00 you would get around $1.20 each time somebody clicks on that ad. This is an internet marketing strategy that some internet marketers concentrate on solely and I have heard of people make $25,000.00 per month just by building blogs and advertising adsense on their sites.

Sign Up for Adsense Here.

CPA Programs.

Cost per action programs can be a little harder to get but once your blog is ranked highly in the search engines you should have no problem being accepted into these programs. They work similar to adsense, you place an ad or banner on your blog and when people click on the banner they are usually taken to another website with an offer or an opt in page. If the person then completes the offer or opt’s in you are then paid. Payments can vary from 0.01cents to hundreds of dollars depending on what the offer is about and how much people spend. The average payment for sending leads (visitors from your blog) to a CPA program is around $3.00.

There is a lot to know and learn before you can make money writing a blog and I have learned most of what I know from a professional internet marketer – Sean Rasmussen.

My Story Before I met Sean Rasmussen.

Before I met Sean I had spent over $20,000.00 on how to make money online programs – each one lamer than the last. They all made fantastic promises – “With this $49.00 program you can make millions overnight!” or “It’s all on auto pilot – just push one button, you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams”.

I Wasted Lots of $$$

I’m not proud to admit it, but I did buy into many of these promises – believing that these people were telling the truth. I’m a trusting person and always give people the benefit of the doubt.

The fact was, there was always a catch – you got the base product for the $49.00 price but the system didn’t really work unless you also bought the $997.00 upsell which sometimes included some bogus “coaching” from some spaced out surfer dude who was reading from a script and had no idea what you were talking about. At least that was my experience. If you have been there, I’m sure you can relate.

After spending over $20,000.00 and never making a dime – I was a bit sceptical when I first herd Sean Rasmussen speak about how to make money writing a blog. When listening to Sean I noticed something was different – he didn’t make unrealistic promises – he didn’t promise that I would make millions overnight. What he did say was that he had made millions from internet marketing and wanted to teach others to improve their own financial situation. He seemed like a really genuine guy and I decided I would give learning how to make money online one more try – I’m so glad I did!

From Sean I learned how to Make Money Writing a Blog.

Within three weeks of implementing Sean’s simple money making strategies by developing a blog – I made my first affiliate sale and I’ve never looked back. It is truly amazing how getting that first sale can change everything – it really is a game changer – I even remember the guy’s name and which country the sale came from.

I am so grateful to Sean for all he has taught me – I have come such a long way in a relatively short space of time.

What Sean Is Doing Now.

Sean Rasmussen is still passionate about helping others improve their personal financial situation and he has recently released something really special – and it’s totally without cost. It’s called the Common Sense Formula. Making money online is just common sense. Sure, you can buy the latest and greatest programs in an attempt to make money online, but take it from me – I wasted 4 years of my life and $20,000.00 before I found some one who;

  • Actually helped me learn how to make money writing a blog.
  • Cared about me, his members and customers.
  • Provided all the support and help I could ever want or need.
  • Provided all the information I needed in a step by step format.
  • Backed up everything he does with a 100% money back guarantee.

What To Do Next.

Here is your chance to make a difference in your life, this is a free offer to learn directly from the man himself – Sean Rasmussen. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, it will cost you nothing to have a look and check it out for yourself. Simply click on the image above or the banner below to have a look for yourself.

Common Sense Formula
I am proud to say I am a student of Sean Rasmussen’s and I have been learning from him for just on two years. I started making money online after only a few weeks with Sean and hope that you will join me at the Common Sense Formula site to learn how to make money writing a blog.

How To Blog Your Way To The Bank

How to Blog Your Way to the Bank is not as hard as it might seem. Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. Not everyone who starts a blog will be successful so it is important to know what you need to do.

Why has Blogging become so popular?

Blogging has become popular because there are many benefits to blogging that are not available with a traditional website. Here are some of the benefits, in no particular order of importance.

  1. It can be free to set up.
  2. It’s fast and takes very little time.
  3. It’s easy to learn so you have full control of your own website.
  4. Thousands of plugins available to add many different widgets and features to your site.
  5. Easy to optimize for search engines and you can update and tweak your content when ever you like.
  6. It’s interactive so your readers can leave comments.
  7. Search Engines love blogs because they continually being updated.
  8. Anyone can start their own blog on just about any topic.

Free Blogging Options.

You can start your own free blog from lots of different blog companies. Some of the most popular ones include WordPress, Blogger, Blogspot and Weebly… just to name a few. All you have to do is register and  simply opening an account with them. It is a great way to learn blogging but make sure that you carefully read their terms and conditions because they can delete your blog without notice if you breech their rules. Some companies will allow you to monetize your blog by putting in adsense or by linking to affiliate products and others do not.

These types are free as they are hosted by an internal server and this usually works well, however if the internal server has problems them your blog could be lost in cyber space…. forever….. so it is a great idea to back up your blog on your computer so you can reload it if you ever need to.

Self Hosted Blogs.

One way that you can have full control of your blog is to go for the option of a self hosted blog. This is still an inexpensive option because there are various plans that allow you to have unlimited blogs for a low monthly fee. When you choose the self hosted option you will need to choose a blogging platform. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms now as it’s easy to learn and navigate and much more flexible than other blog platforms. Another good thing about WordPress is that they respond to their users and offers great  customer service which is a vital component to your online success.

Hosting Options.

There are a number of great low cost self hosting options  that offer a minimum cost. The owners of this website use a Hostgator monthly plan to host all of their blogs for the very same reasons as using WordPress. Hostgator offers great customer service and is always available when you have questions. You could spend hundreds on self hosting however Hostgator offers a plan with unlimited blog hosting for around eight dollars a month which is a great option when you are just starting out.

WordPress Plugins.

Once your blog is set up and hosted either with the blogging companies or as a self hosted blog, your next step is to optimize it for the search engines. Start by installing plugins like the “All in One SEO” plugin so that each page you create , has a unique set of keywords that you can target to get traffic. This type of pluging allows you specify your blog title, description and you main keywords. This makes your site much more attractive to the search engines because you are telling them through this type of plugin what visitors will find when they reach your page.

Of course, there are many other plugins you can use for different widgets and applications on your blog and there are quite a few that can make running your blog long term much easier.

Why Do Search Engines Love Blogs?

Creating regular blog posts and content and then publishing it regularly will not only attract visitors to your blog, but is also a major boost in search engine optimization. You should expect to make at minimum one post a week and two to five blog posts is even better. When you are mentally in a more creative state you should make the most of this opportunity and write many blog posts as you can and then schedule them to be published at regular intervals. WordPress has this delayed publish option built in.

Original content is always the best option. Write your own content, your own blog posts. If you think you can plagiarize other writers work then be forewarned that this is not only ethically a misjudgment but also the search engines do not like the same content being copied and distributed across the internet. Search engines have the power to send you to the back of the rankings list if you copy other peoples work so it is always best to research well then put what you have learned into your own words.

Earning an Income from Blogging – Monetize

Join an affiliate to increase your blog income. As an affiliate, you get paid for the sales that are generated from your blog. The more visitors you have to your site, the more affiliate products, you will sell and the more money you will make. Most affiliate programs will also offer you free training and resources to help you grow your internet business. This is particularly useful if you are new with internet business. Use your affiliate marketing resources to grow your blog and watch your business grow

Strive to have repeat visitors to your blog, by continuously posting more content. This needs commitment and a high degree of self discipline. It is not enough to post new content one week then sit back for several months without additional content.
Develop a relationship with your visitors by allowing them to put across their opinion. Encourage them to open up and even publish articles and videos

Promote your blog using social networking sites like Twitter. There are specific plugins that allow you to do this easily. Every time you post new content, you just need to click on the Tweeter link and voila! All your tweeter followers are updated. Do the same with Facebook, Linkedln and Digg

Use your blog to simply connect with your customers and provide them with great information and quality customer service rather than use your blog to list the products you have for sale. Within a short period of time, you will notice a major increase in your affiliate marketing commissions.

Indispensable Plugins For Each Site

Where would we be without Akismet? When I first used WordPress Akismet was near enough standard and everybody downloaded it. Now, it is standard and included in the latest versions of WordPress. And it is beyond doubt worth using if you are leaving comments open. So get yourself an API key and make sure that you activate it. If you do not, then you are leaving yourself open to a lot of comment spam. Stats
I to begin with started using this as part of another plugin, but very quickly grew to find the plugin very useful. In the past I had always relied on Google Analytics for my website stats, but this plugin, which gives less detail, presents what you need to know right in your site. Graphs of up to the minute reader stats, where they have come from, how they found you and where they went. Invaluable information to improve your blog. Popular Posts
This is the plugin that requires the stats and why I discovered the stats plugin. This plugin in itself allows you to display a list of your most often referred to posts. These popular posts are a good way of steering visitors about your weblog to areas of interest and a way of keeping them on your weblog for longer. Ultimately, this builds trust and makes them more prospective to join your RSS or newsletter.

Contact Form 7
A straightforward and straightforward to use contact form. It does what it says! But I think it is one of the most useful plugins because it gives you the basis for a contact page, without having to display your email address. If you do display your email, then spammers might scrape it and start filling your inbox. But do not have any contact method available and then no-one might make you advertising offers and so on!

Really Easy CAPTCHA
Again, does what it says! Merely one function to this plugin and that is to show a CAPTCHA box on your newsletter. But by using this plugin you are nearly fully preventing spammers from automatically submitting your contact form and saving yourself lots of spam!

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
Where are your readers going to go once they arrive at the end of the post that they are presently reading? Well, install this little plugin and it will suggest similar themed posts on your site that might interest them. You know what they are reading round now, so offer them more. Again, this is a easy method of increasing the time that visitors spend on your site and the chances of them becoming a regular reader of your blog.

Post to Twitter
Practically perfect this plugin, I use it regularly on my websites. It merely sends the title of your post to your Twitter account every time you publish a new post, which not only saves you the effort, but gives your posting more exposure via Twitter. This can increase your Twitter followers whilst increasing your website’s readers. As I said, nigh on perfect, I only make a straightforward change to the way that it posts the title, but this is not really required so use it as it stands.

Written by Keith Lunt of How To Start My Blog. If you want to know more about getting started blogging, call in and sign up for the free ebook!

Shortcut to realistic tips in the sphere of internet marketing – please go through the web page. The time has come when proper info is truly within one click, use this opportunity.