Building A Brand With Web 2.0

Building a Brand With Web 2.0 – Make Money Online Free

The completion of a website will feel amazing once you test all the links in the navigation and make sure everything is working. You will sit back in awe as long as you spent the necessary time making the website the best you could. The problem is when you complete your website and you are unfamiliar with how to market a website it will be difficult to distinguish the difference between good and bad marketing. One thing is certain anyone and everyone online that owns a blog or is in a forum believes themselves to be experts. This of course is not the case and you should be wary of where you get your internet marketing information. Time and time again I see posts in an internet marketing forum that say “I followed xxxx and what they said and now I am banned what do I do?” well if you decide to follow information that Google will ban you for then expect to not be in the Google index for at the very least a month. Now if you yourself learn the basic whitehat way to market a website you will be able to tell when a method is unethical or blackhat.

For the newer webmaster they will be told to build links and worry about the keywords on their website. Since the webmasters giving the advice are somewhat new themselves in most cases branding will be left out of an internet marketing discussion. This is a common occurrence and a very costly one. The reason is when your search engine rankings fail and you are left with no incoming organic traffic one thing that will provide you with traffic is your brand. A brand can be something as simple as the name of your website, your name, the url of a website, or the company that the website is about. Walmart has a website which does not need to rank well in the SERPs since everyone knows who they are they will go to rather than searching for a specific product. This is what branding is all about people know who you are and rather than need to search for you they can put your URL in the address bar.

How do we build a brand? This is a difficult question for anyone trying to make it online. How does a sole person build a brand which can rival that of a major company. This is done through tireless marketing within the social medias making sure that you are known throughout the social world. A good place to start building a network and becoming well known across the web is twitter and facebook. Both of these websites has millions of users and if you market appropriately on them you can make a lot of money from traffic and new prospects. When you get on a social website such as twitter what you do not want to do is spam every tweet until the only followers you have left are those who spam the same amount that you do and are use to the constant crappy tweeting. On facebook you want to write good info on your wall and point to links that are informative and helpful for the users. The one important thing about branding is to not give up learn all you can about your niche and work on your networks size every chance you get.

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