Blogging:WordPress Blog Suspension: A New Way Of Selling WordPress Hosting Service?

WordPress is an open source content management system that permits individuals to open a free account and blog concerning varied subjects. Recently wordpress has been suspending accounts and bloggers content within the name of TOS violation. When a user asks about the rationale they either do not get any reply or get a cliché email that you have violated the terms of use. Many users are awake to wordpress terms of use and do not violate their terms.

WordPress was ready to rank high as a result of of the great content that bloggers offer them. There is no free lunch these days. The free content that people give on wordpress has made wordpress to make a reputation for itself and its brand. Bloggers are contributing a nice deal of useful information that increase users’ awareness on the web in various topics. Workers who make sure of support and TOS in wordpress ought to perceive that without users’s contribution, there will not be a wordpress .

Centain folks at wordpress support and volunteers aren’t useful, particularly once they fully delete a blog that was created just for duration of one week, without providing any rationalization! These people are somehow lazy or uninterested to send an email or talk over with a blogger to search out a better solution. Some accounts steal content from net on autopilot. These account should be suspended .But there are observed in several cases that some support workers target some accounts and suspend them for no reason!

Should bloggers invest their effort and time to form content on wordpress? If you wish to brand your product via a free content management system such as wordpress, you are wasting some time and resources. If you create a wordpress account to make back links for your websites, once more you’re wasting your time; as if they suspend your account some time in future. It is a matter of time. If you care regarding your hardwork and efforts, perhaps you are wasting some time by submitting your free content on wordpress.

WordPress is earning a lot of cash through blog creation and people’s free content. They sell hosting, templates and the other widgets. Why should you waste your time and create a free blog on wordpress that gets suspended for no reason? It is simply a matter of time as to when they suspend your account. This can be partially a promoting tactic, they suspend your account to see if you care so much regarding your links, in such as you may be forced to shop for their services in order to save lots of your creation.

There are over three million blogs that are created on wordpress and the majority of these blogs are following the wordpress thus called terms of use ( TOS). If wordpress staffs aren’t able to deal with individuals’s questions and concerns, then they should find some other job to do. They produce a system called wordpress and they need to commit to the job.

We cannot accuse all blogs that suspended automatically content thieves! This is an unrealistic assumption and unfair judgment!

They suspend an account for putting a link that they have banned in their system. When you ask them why the account get suspended. They reply because you place the link that has one thing to try and do with obtaining the ex back! How can you as a blogger know that certain links are banned from their system?! You create a blong and put some references to back up your information, then they suspend your account! An additional observation is concerning the story of a well known blogger that I don’t mention the name. This blogger offered pure information about freelancing and outsourcing, his account got suspended in the name of ” violation the terms of use”. Since when an account get suspended for providing an informative content?! Nobody knows. People have been losing their jobs or are desperate to find employment and such bloggers have been providing tips and guidelines regarding how to find a job or write a resume.

In conclusion it’s honest to mention that making a blog and giving free content to sure content management system such as wordpress may not be a very idea. This is often a disservice to yourself and the others. Individuals search online hoping to search out data, but they land to a suspended page with word press’s logo? Therefore who is the winning party you along with your free content or wordpress that charges you for hosting or suspending you for using their free system in long term?

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