Balancing SEO And Natural Writing Style

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be split into two categories: on-page and off-page. On-page optimizations are small modifications of page elements to emphasize essential keywords. This means adding or altering header tags, meta tags, image alt tags, page title and other relevant parts of the page. Another method to emphasize important search phrases is to change their frequency. Unfortunately, many such SEO changes can make pages to look artificial. To avoid this undesirable effect you should follow few webmaster rules.

The first principle is to make a website for human users and to optimize it for machines. You should not focus on Google, Yahoo, Baidu or any other search engine. Focus on visitors that will come to your site looking for some data. Make pages simple to read and comfortable to navigate. You should never modify the content to increase keyword frequency just to be more attractive to search engines. You should remember that the intention of the website is to attract human visitors in first place. The only aim of SEO should be to clearly label the content of the page. Search engines see our website differently than human visitors. Therefore, there are few page elements that can be used to emphasize important text or keywords.

The best approach to make attractice text that will read naturally is to write it as you would write for a magazine, TV news or any other media. Use you own words and do not repeat target search phrases unless it is in the context of the website content. Natural text will still contain plenty of target words which will be spotted by web crawlers. Radical repeating of specific words or phrases make pages hard to read and hence less appealing.

With a very simple keyword frequency check you can determine that the text contains no extraordinary repeating of any word. There are many web tools that can display word frequency and there is even a plugin for Firefox that can analyze page content from various aspects including phrase density. If you feel that some keyword has a very high frequency then try to change the text accordingly. In nearly all cases you will be able to create quality text without abnormal word repeating.

There is no rule for “normal” keyword frequency. All you have to do is to make the page to look and read natural. If you have used header tags and the page has all needed meta tags then the basic on-page SEO is already done.

A typical example of a simple optimized page is the Jtag cables website. This is a site about various JTAG debuggers, programmers and software used in embedded systems but can also be used to program consumer electronics like Xbox 360, various wireless routers and other gadgets. There is also a short tutorial about Jtag. From the SEO point of view the text for all webpages is a simple description of products without any extraordinary word repeating.

Impressive SEO is achievable together with natural writing style. You should always create webpages for visitors and optimize them for machines – search engines.

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